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Releasing BadgerDB v2.0

Dgraph is an open-source, transactional, distributed, native Graph database. Dgraph is optimized for high-performance reads and writes. It can serve queries and mutations with low latency and high throughput, even when they...

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Releasing Dgraph v1.1.0

Dgraph is an open-source, transactional, distributed, native graph database. Ever since the internet explosion, the data not just has been growing in size, but also in its complexity and connectedness. Dgraph is built as an...

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Dgraph Labs wants you!

We recently announced our successful Series A fundraise and, since then, many people have shown interest to join our team. We are very grateful to have so many people interested in joining our team! We also realized that the job...

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Datetime Indexes in Dgraph

I recently started working at Dgraph Labs in Bengaluru as a Software Engineer. One of the first issues that I worked on was related to the Dgraph’s datetime datatype. This article covers how I discovered and resolved the...

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How Dgraph Labs Raised Series A

The blog post by ZDNet made it to HackerNews front page. Do engage in discussion there, and show us love by giving us a GitHub star. I’m really excited to announce that Dgraph has raised $11.5M in Series A funding. This...

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Celebrating 10,000 GitHub Stars

Dgraph is celebrating the milestone of reaching 10,000 GitHub stars 🎉. This wouldn’t have happened without all of you, so we want to thank the awesome community for being with us all the way along. This milestone...

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