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Smtp problems;program hangs

I’m having trouble using smtp. I’m a novice user and tried modifying the code in the documentation: package main import (“log”“net/smtp”) // variables to make ExamplePlainAuth compile, without adding// unnecessary noise...

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Why iota logic mismatch

const ( zero myConst = iota one three = iota + 1 foure five = iota + 1 ) func testIota() { // 3 4 5 why not 3 4 6 fmt.Println(three, foure, five) }“` why output is “3 4 5” not “3 4 6” executed in go...

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How to cut audio file in Go?

Is there any way to cut audio from timestamp to timestamp in Go? How is the audio stored and what does timestamp here mean? If you know the frame positions of uncompressed audio, it’s more or less copying an array, or writing it...

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