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goz – 2019-09-13

Peter Bourgon · Programming with errorsBuild a Todo App in Golang, MongoDB, and ReactGoLand 2019.3 Opens its Early Access Program!Building a better Go linkerWho uses Google Protobuf in production?I like Go because...

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goz – 2019-09-12

Creating Custom Errors in Go | DigitalOceanixy-languages/ixy.go: Go rewrite of educational user space network driver for the Intel ixgbe family of 10 Gbit/s NICsgo 1.10: cannot implicitly include runtime/cgo in a shared...

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goz – 2019-09-11

A Go News aggregator mobile appuber/cadence: Cadence is a distributed, scalable, durable, and highly available orchestration engine to execute asynchronous long-running business logic in a scalable and resilient way.

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goz – 2019-09-10

Introduction “Code” a super-fast multi-language programming playgroundFully compatible Magic Wormhole implementation in golucas-clemente/quic-go: A QUIC implementation in pure goUsing GitHub Actions as CI for Go...

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goz – 2019-09-08

Learning Idiomatic Go Coming from JavaSmall quiz: What’s the behavior of the following program?The program fails to compile. Which line is the cause?Why is there no equivalent to f strings in python?Custom static site...

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goz – 2019-09-06

Frustrating uses of Go, release Go 1.13, Javascript from Go & more (Go Gazette #71)humungus — an hg server written in Go, supports `go get`, written by an OpenBSD devBad Go: not sizing slices · Phil...

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goz – 2019-09-05

stick – Shareable git-backed Markdown-formatted notes (in development, seeking feedback)Don’t force allocations on the callers of your APIA Makefile for your Go project (2019)

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goz – 2019-09-03

best way for calling another program.”What are you working on this week?”-syle postJaal – Develop spec compliant GraphQL servers in GolangI’ve created a CHIP-8 emulator which compiles to WASM!Go 1.13...

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goz – 2019-09-01

Don’t use It’s riddled with SQL injectionsAny tutorial to set up vscode and local environment?Are there any non-networking related golang organisations , which would be in GSOC ?How to do...

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goz – 2019-08-31

GopherCon 2019: Elias Naur – Portable, Immediate Mode GUI Programs for Mobile and Desktop in 100% Gopkgtop: Interactive package manager & resource monitor. [v1.0]

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goz – 2019-08-28

GopherCon 2019: Russ Cox – On the Path to Go 2Reduce Struct Size by Laying out Attributes AccordinglyAlgorithms in Golang

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goz – 2019-08-26

Golang Engineer opportunity in Tokyo [No Japanese required]The internal of go-prompt: How to control the rich terminal UI (Part I).ANN: S2, Go data compression at GBs per secondToday is my birthday, and my girlfriend gave me a...

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goz – 2019-08-25

Go and VS Code IntellisenseI’m going over the Go Tour and as an old C programmer, I don’t get…an ampersand for a...

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