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There are several very good frameworks to develop desktop apps in using web technologies.

They might not make Go the perfect language to develop the next hit desktop app, but if you accept a couple of compromises, and you’re productive with Go and HTML/CSS/JS, they should all allow you to quickly build something decent.

However, going through their websites, and searching around the web, I couldn’t find many examples of apps built this way, beyond fairly basic demos.

I’m in the process of building one such app, using something very similar to Lorca. It uses Chrome, if installed, but can work with any modern browser. Since it just assumes a browser, it could probably be ported to WebView fairly easily. But I’d like to see examples of how others have fixed things like icons, file associations, file dialogs, keyboard shortcuts, etc.

My app is a simple RAW photo editor, by the way. The source code for it is at: https://github.com/ncruces/RethinkRAW

Thanks for any tips, and thanks u/zserge for both Lorca and WebView.