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Hello all!

Mostly for the sake of learning new languages and tools, I want to build a classic blog website. It will handle authenticated users, articles and an access system based on users’ roles.

I would like to build the front end with vuejs (or elm, if I have enough spare time), the back end would be composed of a REST API made in functions (FaaS), stored in GCP. And for the database and the auth, I would use Firebase.

But as I understand things, I could very well use Firebase directly with my frontend and bypass completely a homebrew backend.

Have you been in a similar situation? Would you use golang FaaS for an API? Should I use it only for some “complex” computing and use Firebase API for all the simple stuff? Again, this is a basic project mostly for learning , FaaS system and Firebase. But if it’s viable, I might use it for a personal project.