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Hi guys I’m having issues with installing and running godog on ubuntu.

I installed it like this:

$ sudo 111MODULE=on go get github.com/cucumber/godog/cmd/godog@v0.10.0
go: downloading github.com/cucumber/godog v0.10.0
go: found github.com/cucumber/godog/cmd/godog in github.com/cucumber/godog v0.10.0
go: downloading github.com/hashicorp/go-memdb v1.2.1
go: downloading github.com/cucumber/gherkin-go/v11 v11.0.0
go: downloading github.com/cucumber/messages-go/v10 v10.0.3
go: downloading github.com/stretchr/testify v1.6.1
go: downloading github.com/hashicorp/go-immutable-radix v1.2.0
go: downloading github.com/pmezard/go-difflib v1.0.0
go: downloading gopkg.in/yaml.v3 v3.0.0-20200313102051-9f266ea9e77c
go: downloading github.com/davecgh/go-spew v1.1.1
go: downloading github.com/gofrs/uuid v3.2.0+incompatible
go: downloading github.com/gogo/protobuf v1.3.1
go: downloading github.com/hashicorp/-lru v0.5.4

But when I run a test with it it doesn’t recognise it, any ideas?

$ godog -t @Up

Command 'godog' not found, did you mean:

  command 'godoc' from deb golang-golang-x-tools (1:0.0~git20191118.07fc4c7+ds-1)

Try: sudo apt install <deb name>