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I am able to print the name of the caller function, but I want to extract the parameter of the caller function, is it possible to do that in .
I’m attaching my code here for your reference.

package main

import (

func foo() {
    pc, _, _, ok := runtime.Caller(1)
    details := runtime.FuncForPC(pc)
    var funcName string
    if ok && details != nil {
        funcName = details.Name()[5:]
        // I am able to print the funcName but I want the parameter of caller
        // function. callerFunction's parameter (x)
        fmt.Printf("called from %sn", funcName)

func callerFunction(x int)(int){
        return x + 2

func main() {
        z := callerFunction(5)
        fmt.Printf("Value of z is %dn",z)

The output of the above code is:

called from callerFunction

Value of z is 7