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I am happy to announce the first vaguely usable version of -p5/p5, a port of Processing/p5js to Go.

p5 can be seen like a toolkit to learn , but instead of "just" seeing text and numbers being manipulated in a terminal, you get to see geometrical shapes, colors and stuff bein manipulated in a graphical window. (also via some interactions with the mouse/keyboard.)

There are already a couple of "nice" examples:

  • hello world


  • bouncing balls


  • mouse-pressed
  • snake
  • solar-system


go-p5/p5 is based on Gio for the graphics+key/mouse-events and on Gonum for the physics stuff.

The Processing/p5js API isn't completely available. So there is still a lot of things to do. Patches welcome 🙂

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