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I would like you to point me to some good tutorials (free or otherwise) that from beginner to advanced into microservices and other common web technologies, preferably using .

I have a background in C++ (and currently work full time as a C++ dev) but I've mainly dealt with desktop and embedded applications (in the auto industry).

I thought I should pick up golang because it's quite similar in syntax to C++ and it's fairly easy to learn. I've went through the basics using educative.io's crash on golang and starting looking into introduction to microservices by Nic Jackson on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzBGi_n65iU&list=PLmD8u-IFdreyh6EUfevBcbiuCKzFk0EW_) – I'm basically done with the first 3 lectures and capable of building a simple REST backend – but his last upload was 4 to 5 months ago and I feel he might have left out some of the key concepts (like working with docker, working with kubernetes, deploying, databases etc.).

I've seen several tuts on pluralsight (about golang & webservices) but I'm open to any source material really. Thanks in advance!

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