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  • cmd/shfmt
    • Add a man page via scdoc; see shfmt.1.scd
    • Add -filename to give a name to standard input
  • syntax
    • Add initial support for Bats
    • Protect line and column position numbers against overflows
    • Rewrite arithmetic parsing to fix operator precedence
    • Don’t add parentheses to function f {...} declarations for ksh support
    • KeepPadding now obeys extra indentation when using space indentation
    • Properly tokenize (( within test expressions
    • Properly tokenize single quotes within parameter expansions
    • Obey print options inside <<- heredocs
    • Don’t simplify indexed parameter expansions in arithmetic expressions
    • Improve parsing errors for missing test expressions
    • LangVariant now implements flag.Value
  • interp
    • Avoid panic on C-style loops which omit expressions
    • $@ and $* always exist, so "$@" can expand to zero words

Binaries built on version go1.15.3 linux/amd64 via a shell script.

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