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I’m new to , using it because there is an existing tool (a CLI called git-bug) which I wish to make use of in a web application running in the browser by compiling to WebAssembly. I’ve done some basic tests and have a ‘hello wasm’ app written in go.

My cunning plan requires that I fool the tool (git-bug) into working even though it expects a filesystem using the Go os package. So I’m looking for the best way to achieve this, such as:

  1. make it possible to call git-bug as a library, by making a modified build of git-bug. I haven’t looked into that yet, because the second thing is more tricky, so I want to be sure i can do that first, which is…

  2. route any git-bug calls to the filesystem (via the os package) to my own library, which will provide a replica filesystem API, but in the browser.

So I’m looking for help on the second point first (although tips or pointers to examples on the first are welcome).

I have the Golang source and with it can see the code for the os package but am not sure of my options for substituting the relevant parts of the os package. For example, do I need to make a complete replica, or can I replace APIs at runtime?

And if I make a replica package, how would I cause git-bug to be built with that while minimising changes to the git-bug code (e.g. can I replace the os package with a custom build configuration?).

Thanks. For anyone interested, my project repo is safenetwork-gitportal.

I have a diagram which might help: