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This is just a short question, because I stumble upon this sooo often: Why did the designers decide to make --help basically useless?

$ go cache --help
usage: go clean [clean flags] [build flags] [packages]
Run 'go help clean' for details.

$ go help clean
usage: go clean [clean flags] [build flags] [packages]

Clean removes object files from package source directories.
The go command builds most objects in a temporary directory,
so go clean is mainly concerned with object files left by other
tools or by manual invocations of go build.

This seems to passive aggressive and intentionally unhelpful. It’s like Go knows “oh yeah, the user wants to see how this command works”, but instead of just providing the help, it tells me “nope, you asked the wrong way, try again!”

The first version is useless to me, because go help clean flags does not work, neither does go help build flags, so I must run go help clean first to find out how to even get help for the build flags (go help build).

What’s the reasoning behind this? Am I just holding it wrong?