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Hello! First post in this sub. Just a disclaimer, I am not here to ignite a war between programming languages, I am genuinely curious and unknowledgeable.

I am an avid Rust user and played with the pros and cons Go vs Rust for quite a while before settling on Rust. This year has been crazy and I’ve changed industries and landed a role going into Penetration testing and network security. I’ve participated in loads of CTF events and all majority of pre-baked tools I have come across are either written in Golang or Python. Python I can understand why, but I don’t get the favoritism of Golang. Is this just coincidence of netsec over the years or does Golang provide tools that Rust doesn’t in terms of exploitation and netsec programs?

Thanks for the help.


The purpose of my question is to see if I should allocate some of my time to learn Golang, but in my opinion programming languages are all just abstract and you could do mostly the same thing in any language. But I want to see if there is enough value for me to add golang to my “bucket”