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Hi everyone! I’m Jon Calhoun, one of the panelists on the Go Time podcast. For those of you unfamiliar – it is a Go podcast that we record live every Tuesday at 3pm ET. We usually have a guest or two on each episode, and discuss a specific topic (defer, testing, databases, infra, etc). You can check it out here: https://changelog.com/gotime

This coming episode we want to try something a little different – we want to make a Q&A episode. There are two reasons for doing this:

  1. We are hoping this inspires topics for future episodes.

  2. We want a venue to discuss questions that don’t really fit into an entire episode on their own.

To make this happen we would like everyone here to post any Go-related questions that you would like us to discuss on air, and we will try to get to as many as possible. I’ll also try to type up answers here while we discuss them on the episode.

We will be answering questions live tomorrow, Tuesday, Sep 8. We will repeat questions on air, and since we record live you can join in on the Gophers Slack to ask follow-up questions or to elaborate on questions.