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Inspired by a recent post, I thought it could be fun to show each other the static site generators we’ve written in Go.

They’ve become the new graphing library, or config parser, meaning that a lot of developers seem to want to write one (especially just before they start blogging again) and put it out into the world.

I think the reasons that so many exist are manyfold, but I see some trends:

  • The drive to create something and put it out into the world (who knows, maybe you’ll be internet-famous!)

  • They’re within a reasonably small scope, at least at first

  • Everyone with a static website could use one

  • Not-invented-here-syndrome, because Hugo is missing that one feature you need, and therefore Hugo suxxxxx.

I also think Go lends itself beautifully to writing static site generators, because it has templating built into the stdlib, compiles down to a single binary, and it’s easy to write something that’s fast (so you can create comparison tables!).

If you think this is fun:

  1. Link to your static site generator.

  2. Post a few sentences on why you wrote it.

Happy posting!