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Currently I am trying to download a repository which having project name starting with uppercase.
get dev.azure.com///_git/.git

So I followed the solution mentioned here: https://godoc.org/golang.org/x/mod/module,

So in my go.mod, I have replace the project name

go 1.14

require (
        dev.azure.com/myorganization/!myproject/_git/reponame.git v0.0.8 // indirect

I am getting following error:

go: dev.azure.com/myorganization/!myproject/_git/reponame.git@v0.0.8: unrecognized import path "dev.azure.com/myorganization/!myproject/_git/dialog-core.git": reading https://dev.azure.com/myorganization/%21myproject/_git/reponame.git?go-get=1: 203 Non-Authoritative Information

Am I missing something here?