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I have the following issue in the Revel framework:
In my revel app i use revel modules. In one module is a function

func addToBlocklist(r *revel.Request, claims map[string]interface{})

which is called by

go addToBlocklist(c.Request, c.Args[jwt.TokenClaimsKey].(map[string]interface{}))

c is of type

type JwtAuth struct {

reve.Controller’s Request is of type *revel.Request, kust as expected by addToBlocklist.
When I fmt.Println(c.Request) before passing to addToBlocklist, it prints &{0xc0003079b0 0xc0003280b0 text/html html <nil> GET /logout map[] <nil> 0xc0003265b0}
When I fmt.Println® in the first place of addToBlocklist it prints &{<nil> 0xc0003280b0 <nil> <nil> map[] <nil> 0xc0003265b0}

This runs on docker machine with golang:1.14.6-alpine in revel tests.

When I run it locally on go 1.14.6 windows the values of c are as they were passed.