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So, I’ve built this CLI app which uses rofi as a dmenu to display minimal prompts like the one shown below:

Since I’m thinking of making my software cross-platform, I’m planning to get rid of the rofi dependency, and instead display the prompt using Go itself.
I’ve found two possible frameworks for achieving this:

Here is what I’d like the prompt to be able to do:

  • display a list
  • take input as text
  • assign some hotkeys which the prompt should detect
  • should be “always on top” of other windows, and must not have any title bar etc.

Since this is my first time developing GUI using Go, I’d like some help and recommendations to get started.
Thanks in advance.
– Utkarsh

Of these two, fyne looks quite stable while ui calls itself “mid-alpha software”.

Because of this I’d start with fyne which seems to have some decent documentation.