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string comparison and edit distance algorithms library featuring : Levenshtein, LCS, Hamming, Damerau levenshtein (OSA and Adjacent transpositions algorithms), Jaro-Winkler, etc…

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  • Go (v1.13+)


Golang open-source library which includes most (and soon all) edit-distance and string comparision algorithms with some extra!
Designed to be fully compatible with Unicode and ASCII characters!
This library is 100% test covered 😁


  • Levenshtein

  • LCS (Longest common subsequence) with edit distance, backtrack and diff functions ✨

  • Hamming

  • Damerau-Levenshtein, with following variants :

    • OSA (Optimal string alignment) ✨
    • Adjacent transpositions ✨
  • Jaro & Jaro-Winkler similarity algorithms ✨

  • Computed similarity percentage functions based on all available edit distance algorithms in this lib ✨

  • ASCII and Unicode compatibility ! 🥳


Open bash into you project folder and run :

 get github.com/hbollon/go-edlib

And import it into your project.

Run tests

If you want to run all units tests just run :

go test ./... -coverpkg=./... # Add desired parameters to this command if you want


You can find all the documentation here : Documentation


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