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Hey guys, A few weeks ago, I mentioned here that we’ll OSS our GraphQL integration for ent. So, as promised, here’s the link to the docs entgo.io/docs/graphql, and to the entgql extension in GitHub.

What exactly we currently provide in this integration:

  • Node API support.

  • Pagination support – Follows the Relay Cursor Connections Spec.

  • Connection Ordering.

  • Fields Collection – (This one is super cool!) Auto eager-load relations/edges that exist in the GraphQL request.

  • Transactional Mutations – A handler that executes each GraphQL mutation in a transaction and either commit or rollback the transaction based on the response.

  • And additional small features that makes the binding between the 2 libraries much friendly. See the docs for more details.

We are actively working to improve the integration between the 2 libraries and we expect to OSS additional options in the future. If you’re using gqlgen and ent, please give it a look/try and let me know what do you think 🙂