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Hello Gophers,

A few days back i shared with you an app for println debugging/tracing which i created.

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In a few words i have struggled in onboarding in a huge project and created a tool that instruments the code to print all the function invocations along with the arguments and revert all the changes afterwards. Even more a nice and handy visualization in a sequence-diagram fashion for better understanding of the flow.

And i got really good feedback how to improve. I am happy to announce that v2.0.0 of prinTracer is live! In the previous release was assumed linearity in the traces which was really limiting.


In v2.0.0 full concurrency support is introduced, much more contextual function names, callIDs so you can easily correlate when a function starts and ends and more!

I am thankfull for the feedback and i hope that you will like it!