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FOSS Product Caddy is Acquired By Apilayer

Free open-source product Caddy has been acquired by Apilayer. Caddy is a leading open-source extensible web server platform written in Go that has secured hundreds of billions of network connections around the globe. Apilayer is a leading provider of cloud-based API and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) brands.

Matt Holt started building Caddy in 2014 as a way to provide automatic and default HTTPS support for websites… Since then, Matt has built Caddy to provide easy, powerful, and dynamic configuration, with an extensible framework that provides high levels of resilience. “I’m pleased to look back now and see that over 300 people have collaborated to make privacy the default for the web,” Matt explained. “We’ve raised the bar for similar products and made TLS more accessible and reliable than ever. Working with Ardan Labs and now Apilayer to continue the project has been a great boon to the open-source community.”

Bill Kennedy, the Managing Partner at Ardan Labs had this to say: “I am very happy for Matt, Caddy and the Go community. I feel blessed that Ardan Labs was able to support Matt and the project at a time when it was needed most. We at Ardan always believed in Matt and the full potential of the product, and this acquisition by Apilayer shows that supporting free open source software can result in positive outcomes. I am most thankful to Apilayer because now Caddy’s future is secure and companies can feel confident that the product will be available for many years to come.”

“As a developer-centric company our leading API solutions & products are used to power automation processes for hundreds of thousands of customers, ranging from small websites, SMBs, all the way to Fortune 500 enterprises. Today’s acquisition of Caddy brings us one step closer to the developer community, and gives us the opportunity to continue building on the innovative platform that the Caddy team has developed“ said Julian Zehetmayr, Founder & CEO of Apilayer.

Caddy’s innovative technology and thriving open source community were one of the most attractive elements in this partnership. Caddy will remain a separate and independent open-source brand and will continue to be directed by its original author, Matt Holt, while Apilayer is committed to continued innovation and increased investment and support for the project over the years to come.

About Caddy

In 2015, Caddy became the first web server platform to implement automatic HTTPS, which obtains and automatically renews TLS certificates for all sites using Let’s Encrypt; and is still the only webserver to use HTTPS by default. Caddy has since been downloaded over 30 million times and served trillions of HTTP(S) requests. It is a popular choice for developers and businesses alike as it makes it easy to configure new sites and deploy HTTPS into production at scale. Version 2 was released in May 2020 and is currently seeing growing adoption, especially in the business sector.

About Ardan Labs

Based in the USA, Ardan Labs is a premier Software Development, Staffing & Training Firm with a strong emphasis in Golang, Docker, Kubernetes, and Distributed Graph Databases. Since 2010 Ardan Labs has partnered with over 250 companies worldwide to help train their engineers and build production-quality software.

About Apilayer

Based in Vienna, Austria, Apilayer is a leading provider of cloud-based API and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) brands for developers, startups as well as Fortune 500s. With close to 1 million B2B customers worldwide, our scalable products range from automated data verification, lookup, conversion, and enrichment all the way to productivity solutions in the Electronic Signature and Cloud Accounting space.