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This version upgrade the runtime to go1.14.8.



  • New destination: HTML Table.

  • New destination: Markdown Table.

  • New job type jobsgroup.

  • New job type compress.

  • New job type decompress.

  • Ability to execute a job or complete worlflow in defined comma separated list of OS.

  • Allow unescape xml element values with new mapping key source_xml_unescape.

  • Allow CDATA in destination XML element value with new key destination_xml_cdata.

  • Added optimized binaries for POWER9 in archs ppc64 and ppc64le and Operative Systems Linux and AIX.

  • Added experimental binary RISC-V 64 bit for Linux. (Without support for FirebirdSQL).


  • Output of job type process is saved when timeout exceeded or unexpected exit code is returned.

  • Job type for now is called bucle. The old name is deprecated. This version is the last to support it.

  • Performance improvements in job type delay.

  • The custom_duration key in delay job type can accept the duration doesn’t matter the order of units.

  • Performance improvements inserting in Oracle table when there is a destination column with data type INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND.

Bug Fixes

Libraries upgrades

  • FirebirdSQL driver upgraded to commit 0cfab755829a

  • go-toml library upgraded to version v1.8.0

  • SQLite3 driver upgraded to version v1.14.2

  • go-simple-mail library upgraded to version v2.5.1

  • xml-stream-parser library upgraded to version v1.4.0

  • ftp library upgraded to commit 39e3779af0db

  • Excelize library upgraded to version v2.3.0

  • copy library upgraded to version v1.2.0

  • go-str2duration upgraded to version v2.0.0

  • gosoap library upgraded to commit 49156ec557