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Hi all,
I have a problem of importing the following
golang.org/x/text/encoding/charmap package. Then, i have looked at the golang.org and the package is there.

Is it possible to help me with that?

I am using windows 10 and developing with VS Code.

Thanks in advance

What problem do you have? What does not work? Do you get an error? Which?

The compiler gives this message: *

no package for import golang.org/x/tools/go/buildutil)compiler

please, don’t put attention to my previous reply, I made a mistake.
The compiler says golang.org/x/text/encoding/charmap -no package to import.
Thanks in advance

The documentation tells us to

import "import "golang.org/x/text/encoding/charmap" " 

The go command downloads and installs a module:

$ go get import "golang.org/x/text/encoding/charmap" 

Thank you very much for the help, everything works well!!!

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