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Note: This is a quick overview of the dynamic tracing capability released in Pixie’s v0.3.15 to allow developers to add tracepoints without any instrumentation. We will be adding detailed docc and tutorials as part of our v0.4 release.

Allow developers to save hours and days debugging code-level issues by giving the ability to dynamically add tracepoints in production code without any instrumentation.

  • Function Argument Tracing →

    “What are the arguments being passed to Foo(x, y, z)?”

  • Function Input-Output Tracing →

    “What are the arguments and return value of calls to Foo(x, y, z)?”

  • Function Latency Profiling →

    “What is the latency (call to return) of calls to Login(username)?”

  • Here’s a quick overview video where we dynamically injecting tracepoints a function (link) within the “Online-Boutique” demo application’s checkout service: