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Hello all,

My objective is to make the backend for a mobile application.

I just started to learn Golang (in my opinion it is a very nice programming language that I enjoy), but I want to learn it in the right order. So I’m coming from a background of C (5 years and only a few months on multithreading programming.)

What I have done until now:

  • Done a course that will teach me the language. (beginner to intermediate, coming from C it was fast)

What is next:
My intension is to start the backend server in parallel with a course of REST API and then learn everything else on the way by practice.

My question is: Should I do the backend server or first learn the following: design pattern in Golang, exercises and patterns for concurrency in Golang, etc. ? (you can leave a list of things that needs to practice first before starting the backend server if you have one in mind)

Thank you all in advance.