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It would be very helpful if someone could post an example that explains how to return different format responses based on the Request Accept header.

I have searched for a long time and can not find any examples of how to actually render a response based on the Accept header.
And definitely not how to render based on a custom MediaType that has an API version number in it (“application/vnd.health.json;version=1.0.0”) or (“application/vnd.kliket.health+v1.json”, )

Here is what I have figured out so far:

func Health(c *gin.Context) {
        startupTime := c.MustGet("startupTime").(time.Time)
        status := models.NewHealth(startupTime)
        c.Negotiate(http.StatusOK, gin.Negotiate{
                Offered:  []string{"application/vnd.health.json;version=1.0.0", gin.MIMEJSON, gin.MIMEYAML, gin.MIMEXML, gin.MIMEHTML},
                HTMLName: "",
                HTMLData: status,
                JSONData: status,
                XMLData:  status,
                YAMLData: status,
                Data:     status,

I can get back all the formats but HTML and my custom versioned MediaType which is the preferred one.

I can not find any example of what should go in HTMLName or how to register a Render for my custom MediaType.