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  Email: c410.f3r (at) gmail.com
  Location: Brazil
  Remote: Yes
  Résumé/CV: https://c410-f3r.github.io/curriculum.pdf
  Technologies: AngularJS, Ansible, Apache HTTP, Apache Kafka, Assembly (x84_64), BIND, C, C#, C++, Docker, Docker Compose, Eclipe, Ember.js, F#, Golang, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Lua, MongoDB, MySQL, NodeJS, PHP, PostgreSQL, Python, ReactJS, Ruby, Rust, Scala, Spring, SQL Server, Substrate, Swift, Symphony, TypeScript, Vue.js
  Willing to relocate: Yes

Software engineer with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and over ten years of experience in several technologies and programming languages. There are two fields where I mainly act: (1) DevOps; from database administration and data modeling to back-end programming or front-end design all the way to orchestrated deployment with latest tech and (2) Standalone software; involves embedded development in restrict environments, blockchain applications mostly related to Parity’s Substrate and plain command-line interfaces.

On the open-source side of things, I regularly contribute to several projects, helping and communicating with other developers. Take a look at the available coding portfolio in my GitHub profile at https://github.com/c410-f3r where my latest public collaborations are more focused on the Rust Programming Language ecosystem.

Seven professional certifications were obtained from different organizations like the Linux Foundation and the Blockchain Training Alliance that covers a wide range of areas. My newest certification is the Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka (CCDAK), more certifications will be earned over time and I can get any other desired certification if needed.

To finish, IT in general is like a living organism that is constantly changing, that is why I am always looking forward for a new challenge to increase knowledge. For example, my proudest project is a constrained NP-problem solver compiled to WASM (https://c410-f3r.github.io/mop-playground) where I spent years reading scientific articles to write efficient data-structures and algorithms.

Location: Greater NY

Remote: Yes, remote only

Willing to relocate: No.

I’m an experienced Python Developer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, winner of multiple hackathons and author of 4 patents in ML/AI/AR. I have BS in Mathematics and MA in Statistics. I have shipped new features and products powered by Big Data, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. I enjoy building machine learning applications, from research and prototype to production system. I am passionate about creating new workflows and experiences that enhance everyday life.


DL/ML/CV/NLP: PyTorch, Tensorflow, Keras, caffe2, ONNX, Scikit-learn, OpenCV, SpaCy, Gensim, FastText, NLTK

Mobile AI: Swift, CoreML, Metal API, Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK

Data science: Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, R, Jupyter Notebook, Colab, Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Bokeh, Folium, Chart.js, ggplot2, Seaborn, Plotly, Dash, Shiny

Backend: Python, Django, Flask, Sanic, Celery, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Scala, Java, C++, gRPC, REST, RabbitMQ, Docker

Frontend: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Vue.js, React

Cloud: AWS, GCP

Web automation: Scrapy, Selenium

More: Alexa Skill, Airtable custom block, Zapier integration

Website: https://ivylee.github.io, https://studioxolo.com

Resume: https://ivylee.github.io/resume.pdf

Email: ivy@studioxolo.com

Location: Riga, Latvia. I’m flexible about timezones for remote work.

Remote: Yes, preferred. I have prior remote/asynchronous work experience.

Willing to relocate: Yes, after the pandemic situation calms down a bit – to any major European city, or AUS/NZ/CAN.

Technologies: SQL, NoSQL, fluent in both R and Python, can do decent amount of infrastructure/devops work (data-oriented) over AWS, GCP, or in-house metal. Some choice technology bits: pandas, data.table, dbt, tidyverse, Shiny, Dash, Tableau, KNIME, H2O, scikit-learn, LightGBM, caret, TensorFlow, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Docker, Jupyter, PyCharm.

Résumé/CV: Details over email, in brief – end-to-end, hands-on data science lead with FinTech background. I specialise in real time application of predictive machine learning/artificial intelligence models, and I am decently well versed in data engineering and business intelligence.

Emai: arthur_st {at] fastmail /dot) com

Looking for opportunities in data science, machine learning/artificial intelligence, and possibly data engineering, if the fit is right.