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Release 0.0.10 · prologic/twtxt · GitHub

🥱 This is a very boring release! THis is just a BIG Bug Fix release! 🐞 After the botched #15 and bug-ridden v0.9.0 I frantically spent most of the day fixing all the bugs I could find and the bad data on twtxt.net as a result.

I’m really sorry about v0.9.0 and I hope no-one tried to run a production instance with it besides me on twtxt.net. I promise I’ll try to be more tactful in future with breaking changes! 🙇‍♂️

In anycase, Happy Twt’ing 🤗

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug in ExpandMentions
  • Fix incorrect log call
  • Fix server shutdown and signal handling to listen for SIGTERM and SIGINT
  • Fix twtxt.net missing user feeds for prologic (home_datacenter) wtf?!
  • Fix missing db.SetUser for fixUserURLs
  • Fix another bug in Profile template
  • Fix more bugs with User Profile view
  • Fix User Profile Latest Tweets
  • Fix build and remove unused vars in FixUserAccounts
  • Fix User URL and TwtURLs on twtxt.net and reset them
  • Fix Context.IsLocal bug
  • Fix bug in User.Is function
  • Fix /settings view (again)
  • Fix build error (oops silly me)
  • Fix bug in /settings vieew
  • Fix missing feeds for @rob and @kt84 that went missing from their accounts :/
  • Fix UI/UX bug in text input with erroneous spaces
  • Fix adminUser account on twtxt.net
  • Fix user feeds on twtxt.net
  • Fix bug with feed creation (case sensitivity)
  • Fix Follow/Unfollow local events post v0.9.0 release re URL/TwtURL changes
  • Fix numerous bugs post v0.8.0 release (sorry) due to complications with User Profile URL vs. Feed URL (TwtURL)
  • Fix Tweeter.URL on /discover
  • Fix syntax error (oops)
  • Fix adminUser feeds on twtxt.net
  • Fix link to user profiles in user settings followers/following
  • Fix Tagline in User Settings so you users can see what they have entered (if it was set)
  • Fix User.Following URIs post v0.9.0 break in URIs


  • Add fixAdminUser function to FixUserAccountsJob to add specialUser feeds to the configured AdminUser
  • Add SyncStore job to sync data to disk every 1m to prevent accidental data loss
  • Add logging when server is shutdown and store is synced/closed
  • Add local @mention automatic linking for local users and local feeds without a user having to follow them first


  • Update CHANGELOG for 0.0.10
  • Update README.md
  • Update README.md
  • Update README.md
  • Update startup to merge data store
  • Update deps
  • Update the FixUserAccounts job and remove all fixes, but leave the job (we might breka more things)
  • Update FixUserAccounts job and remov most of the migration code now that twtxt.net data is fixed
  • Update FixUserAccounts job schedule to @hourly and remove adminUser.Feeds hack
  • Update FixUserAccountsJob to eif User URL(s)
  • Update FixUserAccounts job back to 1h schedule

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