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Release 0.0.6 · prologic/twtxt · GitHub

This is a bit of a minor bug-fix release, but also contains a couple of important features for “Discoverability”.


  • Fixed a bug where you were logged out every ~10mins due to incorrect configuration handling of sessions.
  • NEW: Added a new feature whereby other twtxt clients that follow or hit your feed for the first time are detected and a special post is made with a special feed called twtxt which will popup in the /discover view and added to your “Followers” list in /settings. Hopefully this will help with discovering new users out in the wild that might follow your posts! Happy twt’ing! 🤗

Bug Fixes

  • Fix formatting in FormatRequest
  • Fix the session timeout (which was never set0
  • Fix some embarrassing typos 🙂
  • Fix error handling for parsing feeds and feed sources


  • Add bad feed detection and log possible bad feeds (no action taken yet)
  • Add new feature to detect new followers of feeds on twtxt.net from twtxt User-Agent strings
  • Add twtxt to reserve usernames
  • Add an improved /about page and add a /help page to help new users


  • Update README and remove references to the non-existent CLI (this will come later)
  • Update default job interval of UpdateFeedSourcesJob

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