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Release 0.0.4 · prologic/twtxt · GitHub

In this release (now live at https://twtxt.net/) are some important bug fixes of course!

Major new features however 🎉 include:

  • Markdown support! 😱
  • Support for deleting your account (if you want to 😢)
  • Pagination support so you can go back in time! ⏰
  • And a much improved (hopefully) UI/UX 🎨


Bug Fixes

  • Fix links opening in new window with target=_blank
  • Fix typo on support page (#5)
  • Fix app versioning and add to base template so we can tell which version of twtxt is running
  • Fix bug in TwtfileHandler with case sensitivity of nick param


  • Add delete account support
  • Add better layout of tweets so they stand out more
  • Add support for Markdown formatting (#10)
  • Add pagination support (#9)
  • Add Follow/Unfollow to /discover view that understands the state of who a user follows or doesn’t (#8)


  • Update README.md
  • Update README.md

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