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We’re skipping the tutorials section this week, as three new design drafts have provided us with more than enough to read! 😄 If, however, you have any tutorials or blog posts we could include next week, hit reply and let us know.

A Draft Design for First Class Fuzzing — What’s better than two design drafts? Three. Fuzzing is a type of testing where inputs are manipulated continually in a search for issues. It is automated and mutatable and an excellent way to harden code.

Katie Hockman

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GoLand 2020.2 Reaches Beta — The popular (though commercial) IDE takes another step forward, though note this beta is the last release you can try out without a subscription. Improved Go module support is included here, along with initial, experimental support for generics.

Ekaterina Zharova (JetBrains)

The Golang Security Checklist — Ensure the infrastructure and the code of your Go applications are secure with the latest actionable best practices.


fluff: Fast Web Fuzzer Written in Go — This is for testing systems/apps of your own, of course, but will let you quickly fuzz POST data, URL parameters, paths, and more.

Joona Hoikkala