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C because there’s a ton of code to learn from. And if something I see seems weird I can apt-src it.

python for the ease of thought to code

probably rust, brainfuck, with a sprinkle of fortran77

C was my first language and every day I thank my past self for learning it — even if I chose it because I didn’t know of any other languages. That said, I can’t think of any single language where I find myself constantly in appreciation of its design, and having the ability to express myself effortlessly. I think, if anything, I tend to have favourite libraries and frameworks. For example, Redux eases so many of my front-end complaints, and does so in a beautiful way.

Javascript, because I know how to make pretty much any browser thing I can think of with it. That said, I’ve been playing around with Python and C# lately and it’s a lot of fun broadening my knowledge. C# in particular feels like a level up, which is satisfying.

I use python and JavaScript for personal projects because they’re easy and productive.

I love JS and TypeScript, be it through Node.JS, Deno, or the browser, because I’ve never not been able to get something done with it. My second favorite would be C#.NET Core, for my current jobs. Anyone who wants something like Java without all the crust, take a look at C# with .NET Core. It’s got a lot of refreshing features and built-in async, await, Promises (Tasks) just like JS, far easier to setup a project, and doesn’t necessarily need a heavy weight IDE.

Ruby because of its simplicity, it’s elegant and flexible.

Ruby, but only for personal projects. It’s the only language besides Smalltalk that gets OOP right. I’m not too enthused about all the meme DSLs people make with it (which is why I hate using it in large projects) but I can’t think of any other language with more consistency and better ergonomics. Alas, the things that make it so mind-bendingly cool are the same things that make it unusably slow.

Java. Kinda learned to like it in the way Daenerys started to like Khal Drogo. It gave me a job and stuff and then you dive into OO, DDD and Design Patterns etc you end up enjoying

C# or F# – I somehow derive great joy from line of business apps, so I’d prefer that they’re generally fast and don’t fall apart when we refactor them.

Rust, I like its approach to memory safety, it’s fast and has an excellent type system. The community is great too.

I do .NET at my day job but I just feel like such a badass when I write code in Elixir

PDP Asm – for being extremely concise . C – for getting me into software development seriously . Golang – surprisingly funny pidgin C )

ZZT-OOP, because it’s the only way I know how to make my ZZT characters walk around the screen and create incredible mind-blowing user experiences

Swift – pretty clean and concise especially when compared to the previous language for building Mac/iOS apps like Objective C.