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Generics and Parentheses — Using parentheses () to declare or instantiate types raised numerous concerns but the core team is now experimenting with square brackets [] instead – can you find any issues with this? For example, what might have previously been func f((T(int)) could instead be func f(T[int]) which, frankly, reads a lot better to us.

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Robert Griesemer

Go 1.14.6 and Go 1.13.14 Released — 1.14.5 and 1.13.13 also came out a few days ago which covered two security fixes: data race in net/http and a X.509 verification issue on Windows. These two extra releases are more focused on minor fixes. More info here.

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  • We’ve not had time to go through them yet but 21 talks from GopherCon Europe 2020 are now up to watch on YouTube.
  • The Go core team are considering a change that would make Go’s minimum requirement on x86 to be.. the Pentium 4 😁 Luckily gccgo would continue to support 387 floating point if you really need it.
  • GoLand 2020.2 is now in beta and here’s everything that’s new.
  • Hugo 0.74.0 is a significant release of the popular Go-based static site builder with huge JavaScript improvements including native and ‘very fast’ JavaScript bundling.

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Unit Test Outbound HTTP Requests — Go makes it very easy to mock services, but Erik goes one step further and records external service responses so you can run your tests dependency-free.

Erik Winter

Under The Hood of context — A guided tour through context’s source with the intention being to reduce the author’s worries about when and why to use it.

Vishnu Bharathi

Use Cases for Channels — This isn’t new but you might find it useful nonetheless and it’s delightfully code and example heavy.


▶  Your First Week with Go — Two developers (Jacquie Grindrod and DaShaun Carter) join Jon Calhoun to talk about their first week with Go, what worked for them and what didn’t.

Go Time Podcast podcast

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CockroachDB + GoLang — CockroachDB is a highly available distributed SQL db written in Go. Start building your Go app with CockroachDB for free.

Cockroach Labs