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Building a High Performance JSON Parser — Building a JSON parser is almost a ‘hello world’ for Go programmers, it seems, but rarely does anyone write up their efforts as superbly as Dave has here. This is a great educational post.

Dave Cheney

Go is ‘Boring’… And That’s Fantastic — A developer brings together a variety of ideas and principles to make the point that Go’s strength is in being straightforward and obvious (and, dare he say, ‘boring’).

Jon Bodner (Capital One)

Get Instant Debug Data with eBPF — Pixie saves you time. You can get metrics, events, traces, and logs without changing code, manual UIs or trucking data off-cluster. We’ll launch this fall and our community beta is out for you to tinker.


▶  Go in Production at Pace.devPace is a new project management tool, but the interesting part about this episode of the Go Time podcast is that it’s entirely based in the practicality of using Go to build a complete, working app from scratch. Last week’s episode about regrets and mistakes when using/learning Go was also a good one.

Go Time podcast

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The Go Security Checklist — From code to infrastructure, learn how to improve the security of your Go applications with the Go security checklist.


Why You Should Write Interfaces Per Package“Go interfaces don’t work like C# or Java interfaces. They allow you to very clearly declare required dependencies and this comes with some great benefits that you can’t easily get from other languages. Don’t fight this by being a DRY zealot. Embrace it!”

Brandon Fulljames

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gopls 0.4.2 Releasedgopls is Go’s language server that provides code editors (like VS Code, vim, Emacs, etc.) with more functionality (like auto complete).

Go Team