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Keeping Your Modules Compatible — The latest in a series on modules (on the blog) that dives into designing for compatibility – so you can help future developers (including you) use a module with confidence that a new version won’t break compilation.

Jean de Klerk and Jonathan Amsterdam

Monitor Golang Application Uptime & Trace App Requests in Real Time — Trace requests across service boundaries and identify latency and other potential errors with end-to-end application tracing. Then, correlate with related metrics and logs for fast troubleshooting. Track app performance end-to-end with Datadog APM.


Building Versatile Microservices in Go — A ten-post series on creating microservices using gRPC and protocol buffers that covers authentication with JWT, Docker Compose, event brokering, and more. First published in 2017, it’s been updated for 2020 and Go 1.13+.

Ewan Valentine

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How I Structure Go Packages — Some tips (presented in a neat slide-deck style arrangement) that will give your packages, both in-app and standalone, better names, less dependencies, and longer lives.

Benjamin Cane

Build Maintainable APIs with Goa — A from-scratch tutorial that shows how Goa designs, documents, and enhances (think plugins) your API as it evolves.

Gleidson Nascimento

Why Go’s Error Handling is Awesome — Things like this are always partly a matter of taste, but Go’s direct and explicit nature in error management has a lot going for it.

Raul Jordan

Go’s History in Code — Much of Go’s syntax and features have their origins in languages that came before, such as Newsqueak, Alef, Plan9 C, Limbo. This post runs through examples in each language as a reference.

Sean Hinchee

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gomacro: An Interactive Go Interpreter and Debugger — Can be used as a typical REPL or as a debugger, alternatively it can bring an Eval() function and scripting capabilities to existing Go code, or even be used to experiment with generics and Lisp-like macros.

Massimiliano Ghilardi

Get Instant Debug Data with eBPF — Pixie saves you time. Get metrics, events, traces & logs without changing code, manual UIs or trucking data off‑cluster.