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The VS Code Go Extension Joins the Go Project — This brings the Visual Studio Code (allegedly the most popular editor in the world) extension into line with other editor-based initiatives from the core team and should prove to make that popular IDE even more so amongst Gophers.

The Go Team

The Use of Some Problematic Words Replaced in Go“There’s been plenty of discussion on the usage of these terms in tech. I’m not trying to have yet another debate. It’s clear that there are people who are hurt by them and who are made to feel unwelcome by their use due not to technical reasons but to their historical and social context. That’s simply enough reason to replace them.”

If this move stirs opinions in you, check out Russ Cox’s response to the debate around it.

Filippo Valsorda et al.

▶  Phil Wadler on Featherweight Go and Go GenericsPhilip Wadler is a prolific computer scientist and language designer (Haskell, Orwell), particularly in the functional space. He was also involved in adding generic types to Java and here he discusses a potential design for generics in Go. Be warned, this is not entry level stuff! 🙂

Phil Wadler

💻 Jobs

Find A Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


📚 Articles & Tutorials

An Intro to Go for Non-Go Developers — Unless you just subscribed to this newsletter for research purposes, this probably isn’t for you, but it’s a pretty nice programmer-focused introduction you could forward to others, perhaps.

Ben Hoyt

Générer Un ‘Flux’ RSS en Go! — I saw Thibaut Barrère suggest you could train your French language muscles by enjoying a Go tutorial in French, and I thought.. why not! So here’s how to create an RSS feed with Go.. en Français. There’s plenty of code so you don’t really need to read it, either.

Adrian Tombu

Fatih’s Question: Fun With json.Unmarshal — The question is quite perplexing, showing what seems to be an inconsistency in unmarshalling. However, Dave straightens it out, pointing (HA!) us in the right direction.

Dave Cheney

🛠 Code & Tools

chess: Chess Package for Go — Provides common chess utilities such as move generation, turn management, checkmate detection, PGN encoding, and more.

Logan Spears

🎲 Fun and Side Projects

George MacRorie sent this in to us:

Adagio: A Workflow Orchestrator

“Adagio is a workflow orchestrator written in Go and currently backed by etcd. Though it is intended to be extensible in regards to the backing database. Think of it like Sidekiq for workflows. Define your workflow as a directed acyclic-graph and send it to the control plane API. Then Adagio orchestrates the steps of your workflow across a distributed set of nodes.”

George MacRorie

If you want to get into a section like this in a future issue, let us know if you work on any interesting Go related projects you think we should include. Bonus points for games, musical, or anything with a nice visual angle we can include, but everything welcome. 😄