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✍️ ‘Generics’ has come up as a topic time and time again for years and it came top in last year’s survey as the most desired missing feature in . Well.. it seems things may be looking up for generics fans and this issue focuses on the latest developments.

The Next Step for Generics — Last July, there was a post on the Go blog – Why Generics? – which addressed the popular demand for generics in Go. The Go team has listened, they’ve coded, they’ve tested, and they’re back with an update. Contracts are gone (hurrah!) and a simpler design is being proposed.

Ian Lance Taylor and Robert Griesemer

A Draft Design for Type Parameters — Just because we know many readers don’t click on links within article summaries, we thought we should feature this.. it’s the actual proposal for extending Go with optional type parameters which would help with the implementation of generic types.

Ian Lance Taylor and Robert Griesemer

Find & Fix Code Performance Issues — You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Install in minutes. Profile and understand Go code’s behavior and performance. Browse through appealing graphs. Blackfire.io is now available as Public Beta.


pkg.go.dev is Now Open Source — The source behind the canonical package and module repository is now yours to see, learn from, and contribute to.

The Go Blog

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Find a Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


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Continuous Fuzzing with Go at Dgraph — Fuzzing is a technique of testing systems by providing lots of varied, mutated, or even just random data and seeing what happens. The query language for Dgraph, a graph database built in Go, is tested in such a fashion and here’s how it works.


Evaluating Go’s Package Management and Module Systems — Go doesn’t have a “package manager” in the traditional sense but modules help cover similar ground. This tutorial (on a typically Ruby blog, so it’s aimed at beginners/intermediates) covers the basic ground of using Go modules and managing dependencies.

Ayooluwa Isaiah

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🎲 Fun and Side Projects

John Conway, the esteemed mathematician who came up with the eponymous Conway’s Game of Life, sadly passed away several weeks ago, but his most famous creation lives on in the shape of numerous implementations.

This week’s highlighted side project is Golife, a Go based Game of Life implementation, by Ayooluwa Isaiah.