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Hello, i’ve been working on an issue and it has me completely stumped!

The same command is run on all three machines and within a docker build step on each of them. They all have identical copies of the github repository with the same files and no modifications. The github repo contains the results of mod tidy and mod vendor

The dockerfile looks like this

FROM :1.14.4 AS builder
RUN mkdir /app
ADD . /app/
RUN go test ./...

Machine 1 and 2 successfully pass the test step and continue on to build a successful docker image, machine 3 fails on the tests due to a problem with the Kubernetes client that is being used.

# k8s.io/client-go/kubernetes/typed/authorization/v1

vendor/k8s.io/client-go/kubernetes/typed/authorization/v1/authorization_client.go:29:2: undefined: LocalSubjectAccessReviewsGetter


vendor/k8s.io/client-go/kubernetes/typed/authorization/v1beta1/authorization_client.go:29:2: undefined: LocalSubjectAccessReviewsGetter

I can tell from the error message that it is indeed using the vendor directory. Why would this succeed on two out of three computers all running the build within the same docker container?