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This classy guy can help you understand the code better! www.dumels.com

In the past few months I have been working with a friend on a website to simplify the creation of UML class diagrams of any public repository. Last year, I posted a comment where I showed a library I build called GoPlantUml and I had a very nice response to it. Many people provided me with issues they found and suggestions that I could include as features in the project. But the one feedback that worried me more was the fact that some users didn’t know about plantuml at all. So I spoke with a friend of mine and we built a service that will render the diagram right from a github.com public repository.


We discovered that using the library manually, was very useful for us when we wanted to understand how other libraries worked. But, having to download the code, convert it to plantuml, and rendering it constantly was a bit slow for our liking. With www.dumels.com we speed this process. I shared a bit more information on this blog post if you are interested in reading a bit more about the project.

I hope you guys can find it useful as well.