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Internet architecture: centralised vs. distributed internet services13 min ago

www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/23738871.2020hn linkpabo
Conway’s Gradient: Reversing Life with differentiable programming16 min ago

hardmath123.github.io/conways-gradient.htmlhn linkhardmath123
YouTube Sans V417 min ago

design.google/library/youtube-sans-the-making-of-ahn linkamirmasoudabdol
Lessons Learned Speaking at Conferences22 min ago

joshwcomeau.com/career/lessons-learned-speaking-athn linkjoshwcomeau
Valorant Anti-Cheat Vanguard Blocks Other Computer Hardware and Software24 min ago

afkgaming.com/articles/esports/Blogs/3862-VALORANThn linkmalwarebytess
How to Evaluate Startup Names27 min ago

messymatters.com/nominology/hn linkcharleshan
Why I No Longer Vote28 min ago

misc-stuff.terraaeon.com/articles/no-vote.htmlhn linksT370ma2
I got my first $50/mo customer47 min ago

www.alexwest.co/posts/129hn linkMalfunction92
How Does Gratitude Improve Your Health?47 min ago

www.happyfeed.co/research/benefits-of-gratitudehn linkmkandler
A deep dive into intelligent semantic layer technology51 min ago

kyligence.zoom.us/webinar/register/8815868847722/Whn linksamanticora
Live video streaming from iOS devices made simple with Elixir and Membrane53 min ago

blog.swmansion.com/live-video-streaming-in-elixir-hn linkoshanz
Running third-party application as a Windows service using NSSM54 min ago

www.helpmegeek.com/run-applications-as-windows-serhn linkgeeklord
Principles of Distraction Free Writing1 hours ago

www.monsterwriter.app/distraction-free-writing-apphn linkWolfOliver
What I Learned by Taking Too Long to Ship My Bootstrapped SaaS1 hours ago

oncommand.io/blog/taking-too-long-to-shiphn linkrglover
Let’s have a honest debate about “herd immunity”1 hours ago

necpluribusimpar.net/lets-have-a-honest-debate-abohn linkketamine__
Why You Should Share Your Ideas Online1 hours ago

stewfortier.com/why-you-should-share-your-ideas-onhn linkstewfortier
What to Consider Before a Rewrite1 hours ago

www.mcls.io/blog/before-embarking-on-a-rewritehn linkmcls
My 8 Yeses to get an idea off the ground1 hours ago

www.indiehackers.com/post/my-8-yeses-to-get-an-idehn linkjamalx31
For developing countries, could lockdowns be worse than doing nothing?1 hours ago

www.brecorder.com/2020/05/05/594580/lockdown-is-a-hn linktheseawolf
ALM Octane – Application Lifecycle Management Platform1 hours ago

www.microfocus.com/en-us/products/alm-octane/overvhn linkanarchyrucks
Tech Partnerships Need the Right Tech: An Interview with Heidi Williams1 hours ago

www.pandium.com/2020/05/tech-partnerships-need-thehn linksurbas
Robotmaster v7.2 is Now Available1 hours ago

www.robotmaster.com/en/newsroom/robotmaster-v72-nohn linkjulbaxter
EPPlus (Excel for .NET) – Licence Change from LGPL to Polyform1 hours ago

www.epplussoftware.com/en/Home/LgplToPolyformhn linkflipchart
Show HN: Fursona Does Not Exist2 hours ago

thisfursonadoesnotexist.com/hn linkarfafax
How will user-agent client hints work?2 hours ago

httptoolkit.tech/blog/user-agent-client-hintshn linkpimterry
A Throwaway Project Became a Full Time Hustle2 hours ago

www.indiehackers.com/interview/how-a-throwaway-prohn linkHermanMartinus
A Breakup Letter to Staging2 hours ago

www.split.io/blog/staging-break-up-letter/hn linkafitnerd
New Urban Streetwear Brand2 hours ago

slothel.comhn linkSlothelco
Deno 1.0: What you need to know2 hours ago

blog.logrocket.com/deno-1-0-what-you-need-to-know/hn linkjeremiahlee
Most Powerful Surface Laptop Yet2 hours ago

expd8.com/meet-the-most-powerful-surface-laptop-nehn linkeXpd8
The (Facebook) Oversight Board2 hours ago

www.oversightboard.com/meet-the-board/hn linkpacketslave
The Water-Computer2 hours ago

www.inquisition.ca/en/info/artic/ordineau.htmhn linkrodox
Show HN: Free Engineer Jobsearch Video Course2 hours ago

course.jobsearch.dev/01_introductions/01_course_inhn linknezaj
Anycart2 hours ago

anycart.com/hn linkstephencoyner
The title ‘Front-End Developer’ is obsolete2 hours ago

css-tricks.com/the-title-front-end-developer-is-obhn linkjonshariat
Kernel: Neuroscience as a Service2 hours ago

www.msn.com/en-us/finance/technology/a-neuroscienchn linkgabelerner
Conway’s Gradient: Reversing Life with differentiable programming2 hours ago

hardmath123.github.io/conways-gradient.htmlhn linkhardmath123
Vartaua3 hours ago

varta.ua/hn linkvartologia
Kraftwerk Co-Founder Florian Schneider Dead at 733 hours ago

www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/kraftwerk-flhn linkwalkingolof
Chalmers Seminars on Functional Programming3 hours ago

chalmersfp.orghn linkauggierose
Integrating Cdk8s with Argo CD3 hours ago

brennerm.github.io/posts/integrating-cdk8s-with-arhn linkbrennerm
Migrating to Biff, a self-hosted Firebase alternative for Clojure3 hours ago

findka.com/blog/migrating-to-biff/hn linkjacobobryant
Show HN: Calyx Diagnosis Search, a Chrome extension for searching ICD-10 codes3 hours ago

www.calyxhealth.com/diagnosis-searchhn linkkevinatcalyx
Run MeiliSearch, an Elasticsearch alternative on a 5$ DigitalOcean droplet3 hours ago

blog.meilisearch.com/meilisearch-in-production-takhn linkqdequelen
Create a memorable date without leaving your house3 hours ago

datingmatters.co.uk/hn linkdatingmatters
Security Deals3 hours ago

www.notion.so/bcc766fbf43246e6b7aa94b2dd88cf62?v=1hn linkecesena
A brief introduction to the beauty of Information Theory3 hours ago

notamonadtutorial.com/a-brief-introduction-to-the-hn linkunbalancedparen
I built a build privacy-preserving static blog thanks to FOSS (not a dev)3 hours ago

tokenbrice.xyz/posts/2020/hello-world/hn linkBberdah
Greenkeeper Is Saying Goodbye3 hours ago

greenkeeper.iohn linktardismechanic
Remote Work Is Sinking In: and the Impact Is Bigger Than We Realized3 hours ago

joshbersin.com/2020/05/remote-work-is-sinking-in-ahn linkcaseysoftware
How to screw up your IT project3 hours ago

www.jesuisundev.com/en/how-to-screw-up-your-it-prohn linkjesuisundev
Riot/Matrix enables cross-signed verification and E2E encryption by default3 hours ago

blog.riot.im/e2e-encryption-by-default-cross-signihn linkArathorn
Fitbit launches first virtual study to test irregular heartbeat detection4 hours ago

www.informedamerican.com/fitbit-launches-study-to/hn linkpurplecrab819
Namebase’s Secondary marketplace for Handshake TLDs goes live4 hours ago

www.namebase.io/blog/namebase-marketplace-launch/hn linkisleofvoid
7Bit Casino4 hours ago

jennycasino.com/casino/7bit-casino/hn linkjennycasino
Conway’s Gradient: Reversing Life with differentiable programming4 hours ago

hardmath123.github.io/conways-gradient.htmlhn linkhardmath123
Drizly, an alcohol-delivery service, launches new marijuana-delivery service4 hours ago

www.bostonglobe.com/2020/05/05/marijuana/team-behihn linkwesleyabbey
You Don’t Need Transaction Rollbacks in Redis4 hours ago

redislabs.com/blog/you-dont-need-transaction-rollbhn linkkristoff_it
Cato: Stimulus bills could add nearly $6T to national debt4 hours ago

www.thedailyfodder.com/2020/05/cato-stimulus-billshn linkRandomWebGuy
Places to buy property post-pandemic4 hours ago

www.internationalinvestment.net/opinion/4014730/cohn linktomkwok
Decentralization is dead, long live decentralization!4 hours ago

huhn.dev/decentralization-is-dead-long-live-decenthn linkhuhn
Show HN: Mostly) Real-Time Logging for Firebase4 hours ago

firerun.io/firebase-logging/hn linkgbourne
The State of the MacBook Pro in 20204 hours ago

blog.ktz.me/the-state-of-the-macbook-pro-in-2020/hn linkalexktz
Open Sourcing the Anvil App Server4 hours ago

anvil.works/blog/open-sourcehn linkbenn_88
Authentication and Payments with Lightning5 hours ago

lightning.engineering/posts/2020-03-30-lsat/hn linklftherios
Google’s next streaming device will shake up the Android TV world5 hours ago

www.protocol.com/google-streaming-device-dongle-anhn linkecliptik
Show HN: Open-Source SQL Editor / Database Manager5 hours ago

www.beekeeperstudio.iohn linkrathboma
If You Keep Your Soul, the World Is Yours5 hours ago

joebalcom.blog/2020/05/02/keep-your-soul/hn linkjoebalcom
Why Conventional Sales Wisdom Fails Early-Stage Startups5 hours ago

www.jjellyfish.com/blog/why-conventional-sales-wishn linkjjen_abel
Liquid Metal Research Invokes ‘Terminator’ Film – But Much Friendlier5 hours ago

www.newswise.com/articles/liquid-metal-research-inhn linksmb111
Bitcaribe5 hours ago

bitcaribe.net/en/hn linkbitcaribe
How do you properly start your first Node.js server in production5 hours ago

maximorlov.com/start-node-js-in-production/hn linkmaximization
A look at the Two and Byzantine Generals’ problem, popular consensus problems5 hours ago

dean.eigenmann.me/blog/2020/05/06/generals/hn linkdecanus
Mac-a-Mug Pro (1986)5 hours ago

mac-a-mug.simplykiwi.com/hn linkkome
Charting Sleep vs. Happiness5 hours ago

goodtohear.co.uk/blog/post/Happiness_vs_Sleephn linkmichael_forrest
Introductory guide to federated social networks5 hours ago

fatalentropy.com/open-source-weekly/10hn linksylvain_kerkour
Linux, media keys and mul­ti­ple play­ers (mpd, chromium, mpv, vlc,)5 hours ago

work.lisk.in/2020/05/06/linux-media-control.htmlhn linkLiskni_si
Globally, 1 in 2068 Infected5 hours ago

covid19live.com/hn linkgieoon
Types of IT Companies for Beginners5 hours ago

stronglyagainst.com/it-companies/hn linkgerland
Running a Socially Isolated Birthday Party Using Minetest and Zoom5 hours ago

www.pxtl.ca/2020/05/05/minetest-birthday/hn linkPxtl
Show HN: Jsonman – Create mock API with zero coding5 hours ago

jsonman.bakchoi.com/?ref=hn4hn linkpatrickz
Writing a SQL database from scratch in Go: 3. indexes5 hours ago

notes.eatonphil.com/database-basics-indexes.htmlhn linkeatonphil
Cos (OS of the Cray) recovery story6 hours ago

www.chrisfenton.com/cos-recovery/hn linkngcc_hk
An Introduction to Virtual Memory6 hours ago

www.internalpointers.com/post/introduction-virtualhn linktblr
Intercom Affordable Alternative8 hours ago

froged.comhn linkJesusvivas1196
8 Companies That Use Elixir in Production6 hours ago

serokell.io/blog/elixir-companieshn linkNaeosPsy
Detecting secrets in source code is like finding needles in a haystack6 hours ago

blog.gitguardian.com/secrets-detection-accuracy-prhn linkcuireuncroco
Important Basic Classification Metrics – Beyond Accuracy6 hours ago

towardsdatascience.com/the-3-most-important-basic-hn linkjeffhale
Show HN: My method for tracking brand mentions on Reddit (automated, no-code)6 hours ago

www.integromat.com/en/blog/track-mentions-reddit/hn linkgordygordon
Experience Presence and Heartfelt Connection6 hours ago

www.human.online/hn linkafishisafish
From a Click-a-Boo Cloud Architecture to Infrastructure as Code6 hours ago

tech.fretlink.com/from-click-a-boo-cloud-architecthn linkSignez
Compliance for Third-Party scripts on your website and how to ensure it6 hours ago

www.reflectiz.com/third-party-scripts-compliance/hn linkReflectiz
IoT Projects: 40 questions to map and identify your IoT requirements6 hours ago

www.oliviawireless.com/guide-to-iot-projects/questhn linkRvdMeer
Wysiwyg editor for GitHub: challenge accepted6 hours ago

ckeditor.com/blog/GitHub-Writer-challenge-acceptedhn linkReinmar
Technology Article Comment Generator: Updated for 20206 hours ago

www.blarworld.net/commentgen2020.htmlhn linkjbenz
Fitbit open sources IP-based protocol stack over Bluetooth Low Energy6 hours ago

eng.fitbit.com/introducing-project-golden-gate/hn linkjeremiahlee
Scrubbing URL fragments from Sentry crash reports7 hours ago

romain-clement.net/articles/sentry-url-fragmentshn linkrmnclmnt
What makes a good engineering culture?7 hours ago

www.hashtagcoder.dev/blog/engineering-culturehn linkshalotelli
How to make multi-line text in UIButton7 hours ago

sarunw.com/posts/how-to-make-multi-line-text-in-uihn linksarunw
The Risks of Ex-Domain Re-Use on Websites and How to Stay Protected Against It7 hours ago

www.reflectiz.com/the-risks-of-ex-domain-re-use-onhn linkReflectiz
How to Create a Subscription SaaS Application with Django and Stripe7 hours ago

www.saaspegasus.com/guides/django-stripe-integratehn linkczue
Simple Homemade Tea Laser7 hours ago

www.sparkbangbuzz.com/tealaser/tealaser7.htmhn linkhamilyon2
JQuery 3.5.1 Released: Fixing a Regression7 hours ago

blog.jquery.com/2020/05/04/jquery-3-5-1-released-fhn linkzspitzer
Microsoft to establish its first datacenter region in Poland, EU7 hours ago

news.microsoft.com/europe/2020/05/05/microsoft-annhn linkmilo_im
Comparing 40 Ruby on Rails application monitoring tools7 hours ago

hixonrails.com/ruby-on-rails-tutorials/ruby-on-raihn linkBolduro
The Guide to App Design for Non-Designers7 hours ago

adamfard.com/blog/app-designhn linkadamfard
Did You Hear That?7 hours ago

did-you-hear-that.comhn linkjordanfrancis
Kanban vs. Scrum – Every Difference Your Team Needs to Know in 20208 hours ago

blog.codegiant.io/kanban-vs-scrum-every-differencehn linkspiderjako22
Nearly 1M WordPress Sites Under Attack Due to Vulnerable Plugins8 hours ago

howtohosting.guide/1m-wordpress-sites-attack-vulnehn linkmassacre
An Introduction to Sphinx and Read the Docs for Technical Writers8 hours ago

www.ericholscher.com/blog/2016/jul/1/sphinx-and-rthn linkbuixuanquy
An Affordable Streaming Platform8 hours ago

www.appic.video/hn linkappic_video
How to write Acceptance Criteria. Template, best practices, & examples included8 hours ago

zepel.io/agile/user-stories/acceptance-criteria/hn linkvikashkoushik
What is 2FA and how does it work?8 hours ago

blog.espay.exchange/what-is-2fa-and-how-does-it-wohn linkespayex
Alternative Sources of Advice8 hours ago

tratt.net/laurie/blog/entries/alternative_sources_hn linkfniephaus
Show HN: Hacker News Leaderboard9 hours ago

why.degree/hn-leaderboard/hn linkbluemooner
Plan, create and launch a SaaS in 100 days9 hours ago

100daysoftechstartup.comhn linkfranky47
StellarGraph – Machine Learning on Graphs9 hours ago

www.stellargraph.io/hn linkjpn
Web Development Team9 hours ago

devsdata.com/web-development-team/hn linktom321
Interview: Eleazar Ruiz – Design Principal at Lazarus9 hours ago

designremotely.co/interviews/eleazar-ruiz-design-phn linkalistairtweedie
Everything I’ve Learned About Running Meetings Came from Not Wanting to Be There9 hours ago

staysaasy.com/management/2020/05/05/Running-Meetinhn linkstaysaasy
The Invisible Pandemic – The Lancet9 hours ago

www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140hn linkjokieone
An introduction into the Ionic Framework 9 hours ago

open.spotify.com/episode/2Mi5HIMUKtPaCuveDSY5KGhn linkamontgomery19
Data science needs technical managers9 hours ago

rssdss.design.blog/2020/05/01/data-science-needs-thn linkadam_d
The Big Alien Theory9 hours ago

www.thebigalientheory.com/hn linksimonh
Svelte JavaScript: VSCode configuration and internationalization10 hours ago

en.jeffprod.com/blog/2020/svelte-configuration-de-hn linktazeg95
Customize DeepL Translator with the Glossary10 hours ago

www.deepl.com/blog/20200506.htmlhn linkrerx
How to Use Tree Machine Learning Model with 2UDA – PostgreSQL and Orange (Pt 4)10 hours ago

www.2ndquadrant.com/en/blog/how-to-use-tree-machinhn linkbilalibrar
What Arduino to Use?10 hours ago

ruurdsdevlog.wordpress.com/2020/04/23/what-arduinohn linkOllowain
The Tech Behind India’s Largest Stock Broker10 hours ago

zerodha.tech/blog/hello-world/hn linksand33pn
US Government places new $200M order for Smallpox Vaccine (2020)10 hours ago

www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/04/30/2025hn linkbjowen
How to Give Your Team a Sense of Purpose10 hours ago

medium.dave-bailey.com/how-to-find-your-purpose-athn linkdavesuperman
The Virtual Museum of Fezology10 hours ago

fezmuseum.com/hn link3dprintscanner
Why Invest in Technology During a Recession?10 hours ago

netsells.co.uk/blog/why-invest-in-digital-transforhn linkbethanvincent
Chaotic AUR10 hours ago

lonewolf.pedrohlc.com/chaotic-aur/hn linkjhabdas
There is no such thing as Accounting Software11 hours ago

karanjamungai.com/posts/accounting_software/hn linkekmungai
Damon Motorcycles Is Attracting Millennials with Safety Tech11 hours ago

advrider.com/damon-motorcycles-is-capturing-millenhn linkteruakohatu
A Message from Co-Founder and CEO Brian Chesky11 hours ago

news.airbnb.com/a-message-from-co-founder-and-ceo-hn linktweaker
Economics for the Future – Beyond the Superorganism11 hours ago

www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0921800hn linklifty
HoMM3 Modal Box Generator11 hours ago

lehazyo.github.io/homm3-messages/hn linkeugene_pirogov
That’s why great managers set goals11 hours ago

www.collard.app/blog/that-is-why-great-managers-sehn linkelvio
Sqlfluff – The SQL Linter for Humans11 hours ago

docs.sqlfluff.com/en/latest/hn linkshrikant
Essential Security Tips for Working Remotely12 hours ago

perimeters81.com/log/network/5-security-tips-for-whn linkpresiozo
Show HN: Next.js Tips Collection12 hours ago

nextjstips.comhn linkemkaradeniz
Modern gadgets re-imagined with 1960s advertising12 hours ago

www.sharpguymagazine.com/home/modern-gadgets-60s-ahn linkmrbemi
Who Contributed to PostgreSQL Development in 2019?12 hours ago

rhaas.blogspot.com/2020/05/who-contributed-to-posthn linkvishesh92
Remdesivir Production12 hours ago

www.statnews.com/pharmalot/2020/05/05/gilead-remdehn linkglram
Things to Know about Zoom 5.013 hours ago

blog.zoom.us/wordpress/2020/04/27/its-here-5-thinghn linkmurkle
Machiavelli I: the invention of political studies13 hours ago

www.exurbe.com/machiavelli-s-p-q-f/hn linknl
Indian states impose 70% corona fee on liquor13 hours ago

www.dnaindia.com/india/report-delhi-govt-levies-70hn linkBang2Bay
Darwin Among the Machines13 hours ago

nzetc.victoria.ac.nz/tm/scholarly/tei-ButFir-t1-g1hn linknew299
How (not) to speed up development13 hours ago

no-kill-switch.ghost.io/how-not-to-speed-up-develohn linkliveweird
Six Things I Learned from Mr. Robot13 hours ago

techblog.bozho.net/six-things-i-learned-from-mr-rohn linkbozho
RetroArch 1.8.6 Released13 hours ago

www.libretro.com/index.php/retroarch-1-8-6-releasehn linklibretro
How to migrate from inheritance-based to declarative partitioning in PostgreSQL13 hours ago

www.2ndquadrant.com/en/blog/how-to-migrate-from-inhn linkbilalibrar
A tale of password authentication methods in PostgreSQL13 hours ago

www.2ndquadrant.com/en/blog/password-authenticatiohn linkbilalibrar
I was tricked into thinking I had “grit”13 hours ago

secondbreakfast.co/i-was-tricked-into-thinking-i-hhn linksecondbreakfast
A Desktop Client for Borg Backup13 hours ago

vorta.borgbase.com/hn linkrahimnathwani
The hard parts about making it look easy14 hours ago

surfingcomplexity.blog/2020/05/05/the-hard-parts-ahn linkkoolhead17
You don’t really need Outlook 365 or G Suite14 hours ago

kingmailer.co/you-dont-really-need-outlook-365-or-hn linkkingmailer
The Future Called: It Wants to Work from Home15 hours ago

evolutionarymanager.com/the-future-called-it-wantshn linkprla
How to Increase Email Deliverability15 hours ago

www.growthipedia.com/blog/5-ways-to-increase-emailhn linkmrkennedy
Blockstream Satellite 2.015 hours ago

blockstream.com/2020/05/04/en-announcing-blockstrehn linknnx
Introducing Kernel: Human Brain Insights15 hours ago

www.kernel.co/hello-humanityhn linkunited893
Watch “My.Hero.Academ .x264-Fuuko.mp4” on vıvo15 hours ago

vivo.sx/10617bcd09hn linkshishani
The Infinite Monkey Theorem Experiment15 hours ago

www.pudding.cool/2020/04/infinite/hn linkkf
9053.27 Btcusd – Coinbase Pro Live Chart – Cryptowatch15 hours ago

cryptowat.ch/charts/COINBASE-PRO:BTC-USD?period=15hn linkchovy
The Battle of Helm’s Deep: Bargaining for Goods at Helm’s Gate15 hours ago

acoup.blog/2020/05/01/collections-the-battle-of-hehn linkdddddaviddddd
Sharing Joel David Hamkins’s “almost correct proofs” tweet with my son16 hours ago

mikesmathpage.wordpress.com/2020/05/05/sharing-joehn linkTheAsprngHacker
Meme Party — The Ultimate Meme Competition16 hours ago

www.memepartygame.comhn linkktrinh20
Show HN: Making and Slaying Monster Sudoku17 hours ago

reindeereffect.github.io/2020/05/05/index.htmlhn linkkmstout
The Complete Coding Practitioners Handbook17 hours ago

www.kamwithk.com/the-complete-coding-practitionershn linkKamWithK
Singapore biotech firm RWDC bags $133m in Series B money17 hours ago

www.techinasia.com/rwdc-bags-133mhn linkwilliswee
What Happens Next?17 hours ago

ncase.me/covid-19/?v=2hn linksalgernon
A Gentle Introduction to the Nix Family17 hours ago

ebzzry.io/en/nix/hn linkgurjeet
An Allergy to Market Prices17 hours ago

garybasin.com/an-allergy-to-market-prices/hn linkgbasin
Ford Autonomous Vehicle Dataset18 hours ago

avdata.ford.comhn linkkennethko
Calendly meets Zoom meets Stripe18 hours ago

meetfox.com/en/hn linkshannonmaloney5
No-Nonsense Guide to Reopening Your Office18 hours ago

www.branchfurniture.com/pages/guide-reopening-yourhn linktorinrittenberg
Writing a Linnstrument Companion App with SwiftUI and AudioKit (Part 1)18 hours ago

markjames.dev/2020-05-06-writing-a-midi-controllerhn linksanesmith
Security is not your problem18 hours ago

engineering.kablamo.com.au/posts/2020/security-is-hn linkboyter
Open sourcing Tinkerbell packet.net’s cloud control plane18 hours ago

www.packet.com/blog/open-sourcing-tinkerbell/hn linkSEJeff
Ember 3.18 Released19 hours ago

blog.emberjs.com/2020/05/05/ember-3-18-released.hthn linkizelnakri
The Bézier Game19 hours ago

bezier.method.ac/hn linkronyfadel
XB-1 Fuselage Bonding Advances the Build of Boom’s Supersonic Demonstrator19 hours ago

blog.boomsupersonic.com/making-two-halves-whole-xbhn linkklintcho
Show HN: Terminal Vim w/ macOS Cmd/Ctrl Hotkeys, 100 FPS, Collaborative Editing20 hours ago

www.instapainting.com/blog/terminal-vim-with-commahn linkchrischen
What we get wrong about Machiavelli20 hours ago

www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/magazine/what-we-get-wrhn linkcollapse
Exploring Bayesian Optimization20 hours ago

distill.pub/2020/bayesian-optimization/hn linkkyloon
Why Ride a Vintage Bicycle?20 hours ago

restoringvintagebicycles.com/why-ride-a-vintage-bihn linkdfgdghdf
Superlist (From the Makers of Wunderlist)20 hours ago

superlistapp.com/hn linkdamianmakki
The Internet Sucks: Or, What I Learned Coding X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter20 hours ago

www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/131781/the_internethn linkcodecave
How to Establish Credibility Even If You Are a Complete Unknown20 hours ago

paulchittenden.com/establish-credibility/hn linkBeepBopBoop
Ways to Help Your Employees as They Transition to Work from Home20 hours ago

30hourjobs.com/blog/work-from-home/hn linknbrempel
New Live-Demo Mode for Weavy21 hours ago

www.weavy.com/try/apphn linkKrisWeavy
How to Get the Ultimate Vim Setup with Remote Collaborative Editing21 hours ago

www.instapainting.com/blog/ultimate-vim-setup-commhn linkchrischen
10 things I wish I knew when I started professionally21 hours ago

exe.ac/blog/2020/05/05/ten-things-i-wish-i-knew-whhn linkcaptplanet
Kaggle Kernels Compilation21 hours ago

cryptpad.fr/file/#/2/file/B4c5RwMPa6imWwVwhgt-yaE8hn linkBERTHart
Best Linux laptops of 2020: the top open-source notebooks21 hours ago

www.techradar.com/nz/best/linux-laptopshn linkfsflover
Moynihan’s Law21 hours ago

acorn.nationalinterest.in/2007/05/17/moynihans-lawhn linkhudon
Hierarchy of Security Product Needs and Vendor Selection v1.0 [Satire]21 hours ago

swagitda.com/blog/posts/kellys-hierarchy-of-securihn linkswagitda
Xbox 20/20 Program Revealed; Starts this Thursday21 hours ago

techstomper.com/xbox-20-20-program-revealed-startihn linkpaptest
How to Get Vim Feature Parity with VS Code and Collaborative Editing21 hours ago

www.instapainting.com/blog/vim-feature-parity-withhn linkchrischen
How companies will work post COVID19: embracing a remote-first culture21 hours ago

blog.coinbase.com/how-companies-will-work-post-covhn linkbarmstrong
Coal Consumption Affecting the Climate (1912)21 hours ago

paperspast.natlib.govt.nz/newspapers/ROTWKG1912081hn linkjules-jules
Lenovo Ideapad battery conservation mode on GNU/Linux21 hours ago

tildehacker.com/lenovo-ideapad-battery-conservatiohn linklaptopglasses
Andela lays off 135 staff22 hours ago

techcabal.com/2020/05/05/andela-layoffs-135-staff/hn linkmandela
Porn, Zen, and .vimrc22 hours ago

karolis.koncevicius.lt/posts/porn_zen_and_vimrc/hn linkmyst
An open-source petri dish-as-code22 hours ago

www.arangodb.com/2020/05/an-open-source-petri-dishhn linkjanemanos
The Evolution of the American Census22 hours ago

pudding.cool/2020/03/census-history/hn linkmikecarlton
Building an Open-Source OTT Video System for Educational Purposes22 hours ago

leandromoreira.com/2020/04/19/building-an-open-souhn linkmanorwar8
New: Labels for your customer records right in your shared mailbox22 hours ago

blog.helpmonks.com/new-labels-for-your-customer-rehn linknitai
Textile Hub: databases, storage, and remote IPFS for app builders22 hours ago

blog.textile.io/announcing-the-textile-protocol-huhn linkandrewxhill
3D Game for a smart feature phone22 hours ago

ays-arts.de/airship-combat-3d/hn linkanimalzrease
What I learned about startups by beating a roguelike22 hours ago

elliotbonneville.com/blog/what-i-learned-about-stahn linkelliotbnvl
Show HN: Calendarist – The Calendar Blocking Companion22 hours ago

www.trycalendarist.com/hn linkemilyemsu
Cloudflare’s proxy violates HTTP/1.1, and they don’t care22 hours ago

community.cloudflare.com/t/incorrect-caching-of-dyhn linklovasoa
Nokia 2.3 Review – Stylish, Tactile but a Little Slow22 hours ago

techstomper.com/nokia-2-3-review-stylish-tactile-bhn linkdadbodgamer
Calendarist – The Calendar Blocking Companion22 hours ago

www.trycalendarist.com/hn linkemilyemsu
A Message from Co-Founder and CEO Brian Chesky22 hours ago

news.airbnb.com/a-message-from-co-founder-and-ceo-hn linkB-Scan
Security Design – Harnessing the Power of Metaphor22 hours ago

jwgoerlich.com/one-metaphor-at-a-time-design-mondahn linknatashaframed
How to Turn Vim Into a Live Collaborative VS Code Style IDE22 hours ago

www.instapainting.com/blog/how-to-turn-vim-into-cohn linkchrischen
Reviving a 16-year old Mac App22 hours ago

blog.tumult.com/2020/05/04/reviving-a-16-year-old-hn linktumultco
Animals killed since opening this page22 hours ago

justone.earth/food/hn linkmavsman
Dancing with the dead – This is what I live for22 hours ago

getrumin.com/spaces/16feae5f-aed3-4f17-a402-7ac186hn linkrumin
Building a field based dependency injection container22 hours ago

tildehacker.com/building-field-based-dependency-inhn linklaptopglasses
Realme 6 Pro and X50 Pro ‘Flagship Killer’ Launch in Europe22 hours ago

techstomper.com/realme-6-pro-and-x50-pro-flagship-hn linkdadbodgamer
Flourine – The Gas of Lucifer23 hours ago

www.lateralscience.co.uk/Fluorine/Fluorine.htmlhn linkagarttha
Instagram TakipçiIHilesi – İIrefil23 hours ago

igrefil.com/hn linkshahabtanhayi
What’s the worst thing to do with a pressure cooker?23 hours ago

what-if.xkcd.com/40/hn linkagarttha
Physiology of Hypochlorous Acid23 hours ago

www.hypochlorousacid.com/hocl-physiologyhn linkacmegeek
Magic Leap Starts to Auger-In with ~3.7X the Money as Theranos23 hours ago

www.kguttag.com/2020/05/03/magic-leap-starts-to-auhn linkchermanowicz
Kylin V3 now supports sub-second OLAP analysis on historical and real-time data23 hours ago

kyligence.io/blog/whats-new-with-apache-kylin-3-0/hn linksamanticora
How I went from bootstrapped to VC backed in three months23 hours ago

blog.checklyhq.com/from-bootstrapped-to-venture-bahn linktnolet
Evolving the Databricks Brand23 hours ago

databricks.com/blog/2020/04/29/evolving-the-databrhn linkxmo
Analyzing Nazar: A previously-unknown malware was uncovered in leaked NSA files23 hours ago

research.checkpoint.com/2020/nazar-spirits-of-the-hn linkMegabeets
LPD for Fun and MP3 Playing23 hours ago

patrick.wagstrom.net/weblog/2003/05/23/lpdforfunanhn linkdamir
Four Better Rules for Software Design23 hours ago

naildrivin5.com/blog/2019/07/25/four-better-rules-hn linkreedlaw
CockroachDB Snags $87M to Grow Cloud Database Business23 hours ago

www.datanami.com/2020/05/05/cockroach-snags-87-milhn linkakulkarni
Show HN: An app to send instant tweet replies to Elon23 hours ago

badgerelon.comhn linkwillcosgrove
Why Nix23 hours ago

jralvarezc.com/why-nixhn linkabuiles
Show HN: A Cinco de Mayo website23 hours ago

www.webase.com/sites/cinco-de-mayo-website-06ba4c1hn linkharrisreynolds
Clean Coders Studio23 hours ago

cleancoders.com/studiohn linktheastrowolfe
Evaluating Polynomials1 days ago

hbfs.wordpress.com/2020/05/05/evaluating-polynomiahn linkjjgreen
Earnest Capital Invests in Cachix1 days ago

earnestcapital.com/earnest-capital-invests-in-cachhn linkiElectric2
VexTab Tutorial: Add guitar tabs to your web pages1 days ago

www.vexflow.com/vextab/tutorial.htmlhn linkzeroxfe
Writing a UserDefaults editor with SwiftUI and property wrappers1 days ago

noahgilmore.com/blog/userdefaults-editor-swiftui/hn linknoahsark769
TCP Sucks1 days ago

www.snell-pym.org.uk/archives/2020/05/05/tcp-suckshn linkalyrik
Vespa(open source big data serving engine):CloudWatch Import,CentOS 7 Dev Enviro1 days ago

yahoodevelopers.tumblr.com/post/617301826343239680hn linkrosaliebee
Plotly Dash v1.12.0 Released1 days ago

community.plotly.com/t/dash-v1-12-0-release-patterhn linkchriddyp
A curated list of free online courses1 days ago

resumeworded.com/free-online-courses/hn linkrohanm93
Show HN: A Bag of Resistors1 days ago

emsal1863.github.io/bag_of_resistors/hn linkemsal
GANs in computer vision – 2K image and video synthesis and image generation1 days ago

theaisummer.com/gan-computer-vision-video-synthesihn linksergioskar
Pics of People from 2 Perspectives Show How Media Can Manipulate Reality1 days ago

www.boredpanda.com/different-perspective-telephotohn linkhindsightbias
How Much Is My App Worth and How Do I Sell It?1 days ago

www.revenuecat.com/blog/how-to-sell-an-apphn linkcoreyrab
Nintendo’s WiFi Expansion Strategy Deck1 days ago

www.docdroid.net/Qr3JNsl/wi-fi-concept-pdf#page=4hn linkMaximumMadness
A visual explanation for regularization of linear models1 days ago

explained.ai/regularization/index.htmlhn linkparrt
Discussion to remove support for url() completely in Django 41 days ago

groups.google.com/forum/m/#!topic/django-developerhn linkrj722
Did You Hear That?1 days ago

did-you-hear-that.comhn linkjordanfrancis
The Best Chore Chart in the World1 days ago

keyankousha.com/the-best-chore-chart-in-the-world.hn linkk00b
The Bogdan and the Bugati: How I Found an Excuse to Benchmark EBS/Instance Store1 days ago

breakbeat.tech/the-bogdan-the-bugatti-scalable-vs-hn linkrtisdale
Show HN: DIY “Nest” Smart, Programmable 3-Zone Thermostat1 days ago

www.technicallywizardry.com/diy-smart-programmablehn linkZaneClaes
The Time Bill Kennedy Kickstarted My Career1 days ago

natemeye.rs/post/bill/hn linkngngngng
Codecov 4.5 Release1 days ago

blog.codecov.io/2020/05/05/4-5-0-release-log/hn linkthomasrockhu
Bill and Melinda Gates message to the class of 20201 days ago

www.gatesnotes.com/About-Bill-Gates/Our-message-tohn linkfrostmatthew
Introduction to Named Pipes1 days ago

www.linuxjournal.com/article/2156hn linkgurjeet
Implementing a secure web-based proxy service for Discover1 days ago

engineering.fb.com/connectivity/discover/hn linkmoneil971
Humans Not Invited1 days ago

www.humansnotinvited.com/hn linkbschne
Turn Vim into a VS Code Style IDE with Remote Collaboration1 days ago

www.instapainting.com/blog/how-to-turn-vim-into-vshn linkchrischen
The shortest paper ever published in Physical Review1 days ago

fermatslibrary.com/s/the-ratio-of-proton-and-electhn linkeusebio
MLH Fellowships – The future of tech internships1 days ago

fellowship.mlh.io/hn linkdtrailin
Using AVX512 optimizations in Golang to accelerate MD5 hashing1 days ago

blog.min.io/accelerating-aggregate-md5-hashing-up-hn linkjtsymonds
Robot Appeal1 days ago

www.ezmicro.com/robot/hn linknickswalker
Rust: No_std async/await – soon on stable1 days ago

ferrous-systems.com/blog/stable-async-on-embedded/hn linkjamesmunns
The Content Marketing Handbook1 days ago

priceonomics.com/the-content-marketing-handbook/hn linkwanderer42
Case Study: Blinkist’s Annual Subscription Incentive1 days ago

www.funnelteardowns.net/teardown/blinkisthn linkNaamahStockdale
Show HN: Corona Virus Outbreak Dashboard for United States1 days ago

outbreakdashboard.comhn linkrooseveltlai
San Francisco Residents Are Leaving at an Unprecedented Rate1 days ago

www.movebuddha.com/blog/sf-outbound-surge-2020/hn linkrcarrigan87
Remotely Working – A Podcast for Remote Workers1 days ago

www.remotelyworking.nethn linkjustindirose
Open startups like Nomad List performed in April1 days ago

www.petecodes.io/12-open-startups-april-2020/hn linkPete-Codes
Deep Work1 days ago

www.bytedude.com/deep-work/hn linkbytedude
Bad Arguments and How to Avoid Them1 days ago

fs.blog/2020/05/bad-arguments/hn linkdenzil_correa
Show HN: Rad – a general purpose build tool on Deno1 days ago

cdaringe.github.io/rad/hn linkcdaringe
Kotlin Essentials and Android Essentials is coming for free!1 days ago

forms.gle/h2w3BjB1tb3N3gpV7hn linkmdziubek
2020 Diversity Annual Report [pdf]1 days ago

kstatic.googleusercontent.com/files/25badfc6b6d1b3hn linkmehta
Solid Is Not Solid – Examining the Single Responsibility Principle1 days ago

naildrivin5.com/blog/2019/11/11/solid-is-not-solidhn linkreedlaw
Tired Developer Debates That Need to Just Die Already1 days ago

levelup.gitconnected.com/4-tired-developer-debateshn linkzachflower
Why You Need a Microservice Catalog1 days ago

www.opslevel.com/2020/04/21/why-you-need-a-microsehn linkkenrose
Computational Immunology: Using Algorithms to Identify Vaccine Candidates1 days ago

triplebyte.com/blog/computational-immunology-algorhn linkmonalisauzi
Research Study (Pl Take the Survey): The State of Software Delivery Management1 days ago

sdarchitect.blog/2020/05/03/research-study-the-stahn linkSanjeevSharma
Show HN: Generate 8-bit avatars using Cellular Automata1 days ago

ljvmiranda921.github.io/sprites-as-a-service/hn linkljvmiranda
A Neuroscience Startup Uses Helmets to Measure Brain Activity1 days ago

www.msn.com/en-us/finance/technology/a-neuroscienchn linkmelling
Top Startup Trends of 20201 days ago

explodingtopics.com/blog/startup-trendshn linkjhow15
Floating Point Visually Explained1 days ago

fabiensanglard.net/floating_point_visually_explainhn linkbmease
Web Stories, Powered by AMP1 days ago

blog.amp.dev/2020/05/01/web-stories-powered-by-amphn linkcpeterso
An Indian city to fine or jail citizens if they don’t have contact tracing app1 days ago

indianexpress.com/article/cities/delhi/aarogya-sethn link0xmohit
Total Competition: the world of formula one off tack1 days ago

sourcedexter.com/formula-1-books-ross-brawn-total-hn linkpythondev94
The Wayland Protocol Book1 days ago

wayland-book.com/protocol-design/wire-protocol.htmhn linkfpoling
Top Event Registration WordPress Plugins1 days ago

www.mightyforms.com/blog/best-event-registration-whn linkporthas
Get a Database Cluster Up in Only One Minute1 days ago

pingcap.com/blog/get-tidb-cluster-up-in-only-one-mhn linkgesaint
Announcing: M3O – A Micro services development platform1 days ago

micro.mu/blog/2020/05/05/m3o-micro-services-develohn linkfriendly_chap
Quality unemployment info for the hourly workforce1 days ago

get.fountain.com/return-to-work/resourceshn linkcassieh
Kernel: A noninvasive, brain–machine interface company1 days ago

www.bloombergquint.com/businessweek/brain-startup-hn linkgmaring
I Quit My Six-Figure Job to Work for Myself1 days ago

joebalcom.blog/2020/05/03/build/hn linkjoebalcom
Algolia Post Mortem on Salt Incident1 days ago

blog.algolia.com/salt-incident-may-3rd-2020-retroshn linksfg75
Binary search without division, shifts or multiplications1 days ago

fclaude.recoded.cl/2020/05/binary-search-without-dhn linkfclaude
Blockchain: Big but Small1 days ago

blog.cfelde.com/2020/05/blockchain-big-but-small/hn linktheocs
The Launch Is Just the Beginning: An Interview with SaaS Business Builder1 days ago

www.sureswiftcapital.com/blog/interview-with-mailphn linkSureSwiftCap
The Scoop on a Six-Figure Nigerian Fraud Campaign1 days ago

research.checkpoint.com/2020/the-inside-scoop-on-ahn linkphantom_oracle
eBook for DevOps and SRE Preparation1 days ago

www.amazon.in/Interview-preparation-interview-queshn linklearnsteps
Change These 3 Things to Immediately Improve Your Results1 days ago

iamdi.dev/change-these-3-things-to-immediately-imphn linkshvetsovdm
A (Not So) Brief but (Very) Accurate History of PL/SQL1 days ago

oracle-internals.com/blog/2020/04/29/a-not-so-briehn linkpetercooper
FOSS Responders – Sustaining the Future of FOSS Together1 days ago

hashnode.com/post/foss-responders-sustaining-the-fhn linkbolajiayodeji
Cards Against Containers1 days ago

thenewstack.io/cards-against-containers-a-devops-chn linknightbrawler
How Buttons Work1 days ago

ruurdsdevlog.wordpress.com/2020/05/05/arduino-schohn linkOllowain
Online Vegetable Seed Vendors That You Can Still Buy from During Pandemic1 days ago

worldwaterreserve.com/self-sufficiency/buy-vegetabhn linkjohnconner9067
Tech Preview: Launching a Distributed Cloud with IBM Cloud Satellite1 days ago

www.ibm.com/cloud/blog/tech-preview-launching-a-dihn linkGraphguy
It’s Time to Start Playing Offense1 days ago

www.nfx.com/post/start-playing-offense/hn linkdomrdy
Show HN: Building my own Twitter analytics1 days ago

den.dev/blog/twitter-analytics/hn linkdend
Startup Launch Checklist1 days ago

apollodigital.io/startup-launch-checklisthn linknoelceta
A Mixing Riddle1 days ago

paularowinska.wordpress.com/2020/05/05/shades-of-ghn linkgenoveffo
A Common Language – Or How to Throw a Party for 7.8B People1 days ago

jochemgerritsen.com/2020/05/a-common-language/hn linkkraftwerkk
Remote announces $11M in Seed Funding1 days ago

blog.remote.com/announcing-our-seed-financing/hn linkluisgserrano
Show HN: Free alternative data and other investment research tools1 days ago

www.quiverquant.com/dashboard/hn linkgreatwave1
Show HN: In-depth research on the science of secretive growth loops1 days ago

www.thoughtlytics.com/newsletter/growth-loopshn linkankut04
Using Feature Flags to Move from a Monolith to Microservices1 days ago

blog.optimizely.com/2020/05/05/feature-flags-microhn linkBexcitement
Nifty Fold Expression Tricks1 days ago

foonathan.net/2020/05/fold-tricks/hn linkibobev
Open Source Pandemic Ventilator for $2001 days ago

openventilator.io/en_US/openventilatorhn linkjamilbk
Linux touchpad like a MacBook Pro, May 2020 update1 days ago

bill.harding.blog/2020/04/26/linux-touchpad-like-ahn linkwbharding
Revisiting the Businesscard Raytracer1 days ago

fabiensanglard.net/revisiting_the_businesscard_rayhn linkibobev
Show HN: Holler Away – Shoutout to people near you1 days ago

holleraway.com/maphn linkqinzhengquan
Trello Is Unavailable1 days ago

trello.status.atlassian.com/hn linklukepothier
Open Sourcing Intervene1 days ago

developers.soundcloud.com/blog/open-sourcing-interhn linkcassettes
Analyzing Performance Benchmark Claims: YugabyteDB vs. CockroachDB Part 11 days ago

blog.yugabyte.com/yugabytedb-vs-cockroachdb-bringihn linksickeythecat
Introduction to Geometric Deep Learning1 days ago

blog.paperspace.com/introduction-to-geometric-deephn linkrerapp
Cockroach Labs Raises $87M of New Investment1 days ago

www.cockroachlabs.com/blog/cockroach-labs-raises-8hn linkjinqueeny
Scanning Barcodes in Progressive Web Apps1 days ago

blog.classycode.com/scanning-barcodes-in-progressihn linkalex_suzuki
ASO Teardown: What’s Spotify Doing to Get Ahead on the App Store1 days ago

appfigures.com/resources/aso/optimization-teardownhn linkarielm
Server.c – 100 Lines of C in a Closet1 days ago

blog.notryan.com/009.txt?chn linkjriley12
PixelMe: Convert your photo into pixel art1 days ago

pixel-me.tokyo/en/hn linkmuglug
The State of Commercial Real Estate in Manhattan (In Photos)1 days ago

brndn.io/blog/2020/05/04/the-state-of-commercial-rhn linkbrenden2
How a quantum computer actually works1 days ago

www.protocol.com/manuals/quantum-computing/how-a-qhn linkm-i-l
Giving an iMac G4 a Beautiful New Life1 days ago

tomhightower.com/blog/2020-04-02-ihackhn linkdboon
Mount Daraitan and Tinipak River Adventure1 days ago

joanathx.com/2019/10/adventure-at-mount-daraitan-ahn linknhalanlee
Programming Shows You How Wrong You Are About the World1 days ago

mindlasers.com/programming-shows-you-how-wrong-youhn linkkaxline
China test launches their new crew capsule on the Long March 5B1 days ago

www.nasaspaceflight.com/2020/05/china-next-generathn linkbillfruit
How to remove the last character of a string in Golang1 days ago

harrisonbrock.blog/blog/how-to-remove-last-characthn linkharrisonbrock
Fullstaq Ruby epic 3: CI/CD (= faster updates), Ruby updates, Debian 10 support1 days ago

fullstaq.com/blog/2020-05-05-fullstaq-ruby-epic-3/hn linkFooBarWidget
Some new 10xfx effects (aftereffects, openfx)1 days ago

10xfx.com/?package=pack2hn linkflockaroo
Declarative Data Visualization1 days ago

haifengl.github.io/vegalite.htmlhn linkhaifeng
India unemployment rate at its highest ever (27.1%)1 days ago

www.cmie.com/kommon/bin/sr.php?kall=warticle&dt=20hn linkgingerjoos
Analyzing the 2020 Gartner APM Magic Quadrant – My Personal Insights1 days ago

tunemon.com/analyzing-the-gartner-2020-apm-magic-qhn linkTuneMonDotCom
Variational Quantum Monte Carlo1 days ago

compphys.go.ro/variational-quantum-monte-carlo/hn linkaroman_ro
We are complicit in our employer’s deeds1 days ago

drewdevault.com/2020/05/05/We-are-complicit-in-ourhn linkLaSombra
Tiobe Index for May 20201 days ago

www.tiobe.com/tiobe-index/hn linkbhy
Using sshuttle in Daily Work1 days ago

teohm.com/blog/using-sshuttle-in-daily-work/hn link3131s
Reasons to use Gridsome with your next Vue app1 days ago

vueschool.io/articles/vuejs-tutorials/9-reasons-tohn linkrahaug
Foodora Closing1 days ago

www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/04/27/2022hn linkIce_cream_suit
Point of WebGPU on Native1 days ago

kvark.github.io/web/gpu/native/2020/05/03/point-ofhn linkolalonde
The Making of the Tech Worker Movement1 days ago

logicmag.io/the-making-of-the-tech-worker-movementhn linkmrzool
U.S. Army to integrate power cables into a tactical vest1 days ago

defence-blog.com/army/u-s-army-to-integrate-power-hn linkDefenceBlog
NHS Tracing App – Is it a technical master piece?1 days ago

zaltek.co.uk/nhs-tracing-app-a-technical-master-pihn linkmcoder36
The Framing of the Developer1 days ago

www.svese.de/impact-vs-backlog-frame-in-software-dhn linkKingOfCoders
Deleting data distributed throughout a microservice architecture1 days ago

blog.twitter.com/engineering/en_us/topics/infrastrhn linkrrampage
China’s first Long March 5B rocket launches on crew capsule test flight1 days ago

spaceflightnow.com/2020/05/05/chinas-first-long-mahn linkferros
Sdkman now supports switching SDKs per project1 days ago

sdkman.io/usage#envhn linkoweiler
Getting all the SEO settings right in Magento 21 days ago

www.contentkingapp.com/academy/magento-seo/hn linkstevenvanvessum
CAM4 Data Breach: 7 Terabytes of Highly Sensitive User Data Exposed1 days ago

sensorstechforum.com/cam4-data-breach-7tb-data/hn linkmassacre
Show HN: Remote work advice just for you1 days ago

remote.skuap.comhn linkmaxigimenez
ES2020: Everything You Need to Know1 days ago

www.martinmck.com/posts/es2020-everything-you-needhn linkshogunpurple
Ruby Next: A Transpiler for Ruby1 days ago

evilmartians.com/chronicles/ruby-next-make-all-rubhn linkprogapandist
The garden home office DIY self-build guided tour1 days ago

lukespear.co.uk/blog/self-build-garden-office-diy-hn linkluxpir
Riding the Tiger: Lessons Learned Implementing Istio1 days ago

zwischenzugs.com/2020/05/05/riding-the-tiger-lessohn linkzwischenzug
New Free bounding boxes smartphone dataset1 days ago

makeml.app/datasets/smartphoneshn linklekorotkov
SaltStack Mining Attack1 days ago

saltexploit.com/hn linkphoton-torpedo
Molecular Basis of Extended Healthspan in Bats1 days ago

natureecoevocommunity.nature.com/users/262498-emmahn linkfhars
TripAdvisor Redesign1 days ago

www.tripadvisor.com/hn linkjjar
How to Use Command/Ctrl Key Shortcuts in Terminal Vim or Neovim1 days ago

www.instapainting.com/blog/how-to-use-command-ctrlhn linkchrischen
MuchSkills – Your Strengths Visualized1 days ago

www.muchskills.comhn linkdootah
Optimize First Input Delay1 days ago

web.dev/optimize-fid/hn linktwapi
Use Lyft or Uber with just a basic phone1 days ago

gogograndparent.comhn linkpaypalcust83
Hasura Authorization System Through Examples1 days ago

hasura.io/blog/hasura-authorization-system-throughhn linkvishwamehta
Murderer in China turns himself in due to lack of Health Code1 days ago

www.abacusnews.com/tech/murderer-run-china-turns-hhn linkdirtyid
German constitutional court wants ECB ‘to conduct a proportionality assessment’1 days ago

www.bundesverfassungsgericht.de/SharedDocs/Pressemhn linkjobstijl
Running a Tor relay (Liberation Day special)1 days ago

www.imrejonk.nl/running-a-tor-relay/hn linkimrejonk
ANSI/ASCII Art Archive1 days ago

16colo.rs/hn linkvenamresm__
Show HN: Resurrecting an OLD YouTube channel – an honest guide1 days ago

knowledgebottle.net/notes/resurrecting-youtubehn linkkbottle
A curated list of free online courses1 days ago

resumeworded.com/free-online-courses/hn linkrohanm93
Why it’s wrong to stop covering startup layoffs1 days ago

www.techinasia.com/wrong-stop-covering-startup-layhn linkwilliswee
A Curious Moon: Exploring Cassini’s Data with PostgreSQL1 days ago

bigmachine.io/products/a-curious-moon/hn linkdunefox
How to correct a team member: avoid my damaging rookie mistakes1 days ago

deliverydoubled.com/correcting-a-team-member-avoidhn linkchrismdp
Building a Simple Static Site with Parcel and Stimulus1 days ago

happyvalley.dev/building-a-simple-static-site-withhn linkstepbeek
Sharing data without user consent: bad idea1 days ago

mathieupassenaud.fr/credentials-sharing-strava-spohn linkmathieupassenau
OnePlus 8 Review1 days ago

www.rapidreviewsuk.com/oneplus-8-rapid-review/hn linkmikeRRUK
PicromaPlasma in Blender 2.81 days ago

funnybretzel.com/picroma-plasma-in-blender-2-8/hn linkilovefood
A beginners guide for Arduino with cool project ideas1 days ago

ruurdsdevlog.wordpress.com/2020/04/25/arduino-schohn linkOllowain
Did You Hear That?1 days ago

did-you-hear-that.comhn linkjordanfrancis
Active Machine Learning with PyTorch1 days ago

blog.scaleway.com/2020/active-learning-pytorch/hn linkhouseOfFurries
We open sourced our Instagram Filter with 20M impressions1 days ago

brandfiltr.shop/why-we-open-sourced-our-instagram-hn linkbrandfiltr
Unconventional SaaS Marketing Strategies Feat. Tim Soulo of Ahrefs1 days ago

saasmarketer.io/saas-marketing/hn linktomhuntio
GoDaddy Suffers Data Breach: SSH Accounts Were Accessed1 days ago

howtohosting.guide/godaddy-data-breach-ssh-accounthn linkmassacre
This man created BBK, OPPO, VIVO, OnePlus and more1 days ago

pandayoo.com/2020/05/05/this-man-created-bbk-oppo-hn linkzanter
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Contact Tracing Patent Licensing1 days ago

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Super Mario 64 port for Windows and Linux supposedly based On leaked source code1 days ago

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Developing Smart Legal Contracts1 days ago

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Buds with Buds Trivia Live Trivia Kicks Off in June1 days ago

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Tom Cruise teaming with Elon Musk, NASA to shoot action movie in space1 days ago

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Opportunity if you have a website or mobile app1 days ago

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Just reached 650 listens on our podcast1 days ago

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Web Apps Using Couchdb on the Client Side Only1 days ago

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Springer: Free access to a range of essential textbooks from all disciplines1 days ago

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She and Her Dog Lived in a Shopping Center for Two Years. Then Came a Stranger1 days ago

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