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Lobsters maintenance

2020-05-19 23:45 UTC: We’re down for upgrades. Join #lobsters on Freenode to follow along.

x bump app to ruby 2.7.0
x add note to page layout 30m in advance, bounce lobsters-unicorn
x tweet, mention in irc
x add maintenance mode nginx config
x systemctl restart nginx
x add maintenance mode page to enable maintenance mode
x run backup script
x pull lobsters repo to ruby27
x progress update to irc, maintenance mode page
x confirm can see backup from my machine
x systemctl stop mysql
x systemctl stop lobsters-unicorn
x systemctl stop lobsters-unicorn
x systemctl stop cron
x systemctl stop postfix
x write new puma config
x update nginx site config for puma
x start dist-upgrade
  systemctl start lobsters-unicorn
  systemctl start mariadb
  systemctl restart nginx
  systemctl start cron
  systemctl start postfix
  remove maintenance mode page
  app up?
  email working? (send invite to self)
  restart server to see everything come up correctly