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In memory cache, using gRPC

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in memory cache using gRPC to generate API. Functionalities include

  • Adding/Replacing key/value
  • Getting value using a key
  • Getting all keys
  • Deleting a particular key
  • Deleting all keys
  • Concurrency safe and on client side calls can be made using goroutines


Getting Started

Once you’ve cloned this repo, run these commands in this directory:

# Only needed the first time:
$ make build

# Then run to start server
$ ./server-cache --help

Usage of ./server-cache:
  -addr string
      Address on which you want to run server (default ":5001")
  -cln int
      Cleanup interval duration of expired cache is 5 min (default 5)
  -exp int
      Default expiration duration of cache is 10 min (default 10)

# To use client
$ ./client-cache --help

Usage of ./client-cache:
  -addr string
      Address on which you want to run server (default ":5001")


You can run server in 2 ways either using local setup or docker.


  • Start your server ./server-cache or make server
  • ./server-cache -addr=":5001" to run server on port 5001


  • Run this command make docker // This will build the image
  • Run the server using make dockerServer

After running the server, start your client ./client-cache or make client in a different terminal

  • ./client-cache -addr=":5001" is server is running running on port 5001


Proto syntax proto3 is used. You can find the proto file here


This is used to add key/value to the cache

func (c Cache) Add(ctx context.Context, item *api.Item) (*api.Item, error)


This is used to get key value pair for a particular key

func (c Cache) Get(ctx context.Context, args *api.GetKey) (*api.Item, error)


Used to get all key value pairs

func (c Cache) GetAllItems(ctx context.Context, in *empty.Empty) (*api.AllItems, error)


Used to delete item by a particular key from the cache

func (c Cache) DeleteKey(ctx context.Context, args *api.GetKey) (*api.Success, error)


Used to clear the whole cache

func (c Cache) DeleteAll(ctx context.Context, in *empty.Empty) (*api.Success, error)


After running make build just run make test to run the tests. It has coverage of 91.2%

go test api/server/* -v -cover -race
=== RUN   TestAdd
--- PASS: TestAdd (0.04s)
=== RUN   TestGet
--- PASS: TestGet (0.03s)
=== RUN   TestGetAllItems
--- PASS: TestGetAllItems (0.01s)
=== RUN   TestDeleteKey
--- PASS: TestDeleteKey (0.01s)
=== RUN   TestDeleteAll
--- PASS: TestDeleteAll (0.01s)
=== RUN   TestGetDeletedKey
--- PASS: TestGetDeletedKey (0.01s)
=== RUN   TestDeleteKeyByExpiration
--- PASS: TestDeleteKeyByExpiration (2.01s)
coverage: 91.2% of statements
ok      command-line-arguments  3.617s  coverage: 91.2% of statements


Please refer to examples directory for more information