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gearbox ⚙️ is a web framework for building micro services written in Go with a focus on high performance and memory optimization. It’s built on fasthttp which is 10x faster than net/http

In gearbox, we care about peformance and memory which will be used by each method while building things up and how we can improve that. It also takes more time to research about each component that will be used and compare it with different implementations of other open source web frameworks. It may end up writing our own components in an optimized way to achieve our goals

gearbox seeks to be

  • Secure 🔐
  • Fast 🚀
  • Simple 👓
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight

Supported Go versions & installation

⚙️ gearbox requires version 1.11 or higher of Go (Download Go)

Just use go get to download and install gearbox

go get -u github.com/abahmed/gearbox


package main

import (

func main() {
  // Setup gearbox
  gearbox := gearbox.New()
  // Define your handlers
  gearbox.Get("/hello", func(ctx *fasthttp.RequestCtx) {
        ctx.Response.SetBodyString("Hello World!")

  // Start service

Contribute & Support

Check Our Wiki for more information about gearbox and how to contribute


Get in touch!

Feel free to Join us on Gitter, or email us at gearbox@googlegroups.com if you have questions, or suggestions


gearbox is licensed under MIT License

Logo is created by Mahmoud Sayed and distributed under Creative Commons License

Third-party library licenses