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🐱 Some fun side projects at the end of the issue this week, especially if you like dancing gophers.. 😄

💻 Jobs

Find a Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


📚 Articles & Tutorials

Instrumentation in Go — Thoughts on how Go programs should be instrumented “in a clean and flexible way.” Then once you’ve got the basics down, you could move on to using things like OpenTelemetry.

Sergey Kamardin

Go and CPU Caches — How can understanding the basics of processor architecture help us in optimizing performance?

Teiva Harsanyi

Optional JSON Fields in Go — If you need to set default values, this post points (HA!) out a couple of approaches, along with their pros & cons.

Eli Bendersky

Build a Go Application using OpenShift Pipelines — You only need this if you’re in the OpenShift world. It’s an introduction to using the OpenShift and Tekton-based Pipelines CI/CD system as part of a Go app building process.

Don Schenck

🛠 Code & Tools

A Collection of Technical Interview-Style Questions Solved with Go — Things like ‘implement a doubly linked list’, ‘count the number of digits in a number’, etc. Not examples to be taken as the best solution but worth revising if you think you’ll need to code these sorts of things on the fly at some point.

Raed Shomali

🎲 Fun and Side Projects

Netris: A Multiplayer Tetris Clone — Built in Go and designed to be played over SSH (indeed, you can ssh netris.rocketnine.space right now, but there were no other players when I tried it).

Trevor Slocum

If you want to get into a section like this in a future issue, let us know if you work on any interesting Go related projects you think we should include. Bonus points for games, musical, or anything with a nice visual angle we can include, but everything welcome. 😄