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Life Without Line Numbers — There’s a lot of buzz around reducing the size of binaries (1.15 does so by ~6%) and here’s another tactic: reduce the precision of the position information. The gain is 2-6%, depending on how far you take it.

Josh Bleecher Snyder

▶  Discussing Black Hat Go“Are you excited to learn about hacking and that?” Got an hour? Roberto Clapis, a security engineer at Google, and Tom Steele, a co-author of Black Hat Go, join the Go Time team to discuss security, penetration testing, and more.

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Mid-Stack Inlining in Go — Inlining a function can lead to serious performance gains, so why not do it for everything? Well, there are always trade-offs.

Dave Cheney

Accelerating Aggregate MD5 Hashing Up to 800% with AVX512 — The culmination of this work is md5-simd, a Go library that performs such rapid MD5 hashing (when running concurrently). The use cases here are quite restricted but you may appreciate seeing how such things are implemented for any high end SIMD wrangling you need to do one day.

MinIO Blog

Go as a Scripting Language? — There’s plenty of folks that use Go as a scripting language, but there are challenges around REPLs and shebang support. Some of these challenges are being addressed today.

Segio De Simone

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It’d be quite cool to link to more fun Go experiments and side projects actually, so let us know if you work on any. Bonus points for games, musical, or Web experiences 😄