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An Interview with Go’s Rob Pike’s co-creator answers some big picture questions about Go’s status, history, and future. “Go has indeed become the language of cloud infrastructure,” says Rob.


📊 What’s Coming in Go 1.15 — This presentation covers all the major sections: tooling, performance, API changes, and the Big Ones, like the aforementioned smaller binaries. Fingers crossed for a final release in August.

Daniel Martí slidedeck

Troubleshoot Golang App Issues with End-To-End Distributed Tracing — Trace requests across service boundaries to optimize bottlenecks by drilling into individual traces end-to-end with flame graphs. Correlate traces with related logs and metrics for fast troubleshooting. Enhance performance with a free Datadog APM trial.

Datadog APM

Debugging Go Programs using Delve — The recent Go community survey showed that most Go developers use text-based logging (e.g. with fmt.Print()) to debug, but if you want to step things up a notch, this is a gentle intro to Delve.

Naveen Ramanathan

My Journey Optimizing The Go Compiler — Assel explains how a simple task evolved into a legitimate compiler optimization (aimed at 1.15) and proves we should all have a curious mind.

Assel Meher

The ‘Ultimate’ Go Study Guide — A large repository of code examples with comments and notes from Hoanh’s attempt at learning the language. If you pick up concepts well from straightforward examples, this is worth a look.

Hoanh An

💻 Jobs

Find a Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


📚 Articles & Tutorials

Making a Multiplayer Game with Go and gRPC — Started as a (somewhat ambitious) project to learn Go, Sam walks us through the algorithms, design decisions, mistakes, and where Go helped and hurt the game.

Samuel Mortenson

▶  Discussing Building Immediate Mode GUIs in Go — Elias Naur, creator of Gio, joins the popular Go podcast to discuss building GUI apps with Go, the pros and cons of immediate vs retained mode and examples of each.

Go Time Podcast podcast

Add It Up: Azure’s Go Problem — Here’s one takeaway from the Go Developer Survey. Of the major clouds, Azure is the one Go developers seem least enamored by.

Lawrence E Hecht

🛠 Code & Tools

ntp: Facebook’s NTP Libraries — NTP stands for “Network Time Protocol”, if you were wondering. Basically, clock synchronization.

Facebook Incubator