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3mux is a terminal multiplexer with out-of-the-box support for search, mouse-controlled scrollback, and i3-like keybindings. Imagine tmux with a smaller learning curve and more sane defaults.


  • i3-like keybindings
  • search
  • scrollback
  • mouse support
    • drag to resize windows
    • click to select window
    • scrollwheel

Key Bindings

Key(s) Description
Create a new window
Alt+F Make the selected window fullscreen. Useful for copying text
Select an adjacent window
Move the selected window
Alt+R Enter resize mode. Resize selected window with arrow keys or h/j/k/l. Exit using any other key(s)
Alt+/ Enter search mode. Type query, navigate between results with arrow keys or n/N
Scroll Move through scrollback

Supported tmux Bindings

Key(s) Description
Ctrl+b " Split horizontally
Ctrl+b % Split vertically
Ctrl+b { Move window left
Ctrl+b } Move window right
Ctrl+b o Next window
Ctrl+b ; Previous window

Installation Instructions

  1. Install Golang
  2. go get github.com/aaronjanse/3mux
  3. Run 3mux to launch the terminal multiplexer


Warning: Arrow-key-controlled window management is currently unsupported on Terminal.app. Please use the default vim-like keybindings instead.
Preferences > Profiles > Keyboard > Use Option as Meta Key


Preferences > Profiles > Keys > Option Key > Esc+