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port of Rob Pike’s Acme editor. Derived from ProjectSerenity but now increasingly divergent. ProjectSerenity was itself a transliteration of the original Acme and libframe C code from plan9port

Named edwood in celebration of the formative influence of Ed Wood on Plan9 and the truth of ed-iting.

Note that on unix systems, Edwood (as with Acme) requires by default some infrastructure from plan9port: in particular devdraw, 9pserve and fontsrv. (Note that many other utilities like win and 9pfuse that contribute to Edwood’s utility are also found in plan9port.) So, you’ll want to install plan9port first, unless you choose to use the more experimental pure-Go Edwood described below.

Edwood without plan9port

On Windows, plan9port is never used. On unix systems, plan9port is not used only when the duitdraw and mux9p tags are used:

go get -u -tags 'duitdraw mux9p' github.com/rjkroege/edwood

These tags replaces devdraw with duitdraw and 9pserve with mux9p. Note that there are several outstanding issues which makes Edwood more unstable and slower when not using plan9port.

Duitdraw can use TTF fonts or compressed Plan 9 bitmap fonts. If the font name is empty, the Go Font is used. Example usage:

edwood       # Use Go font at 10pt
edwood -f @12pt -F @12pt        # Go font at 12pt
edwood -f /usr/share/fonts/TTF/DejaVuSans.ttf@12pt -F /usr/share/fonts/TTF/DejaVuSansMono.ttf@12pt
edwood -f $PLAN9/font/lucsans/euro.8.font -F $PLAN9/font/lucm/unicode.9.font

Contributions are welcome. Just submit a pull request and we’ll review the code before merging it in.

Edwood has reached the useful milestone (v0.1) and should serve as drop-in replacement for Plan9 Port Acme. (But probably with different bugs.) Please file issues if Acme client apps don’t work with Edwood or if your favourite Acme feature doesn’t work.

  • More idiomatic Go and tests.
  • Internal API modernization.
  • Revised text handling data structures.
  • More configurability: styles, keyboard shortcuts, autocomplete.
  • See the issues list for the details.
  • Improve the testing code coverage