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Live-debug distributed environments with Pixie

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Pixie gives engineers access to no-instrumentation, streaming & unsampled auto-telemetry to debug issues in real-time.

We’re building up Pixie for broad use by the end of 2020 with an initial focus on Kubernetes workloads. If you are interested, feel free to try our beta and join our community on slack.

Table of contents

Quick Start

  1. Signup: Visit our product page and signup with your google account.

  2. Install CLI: Copy and run the command below to install Pixie’s CLI.

    bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://withpixie.ai/install.sh)"

  3. Setup a sandbox You can easily build a local set-up to use Pixie if you don’t already have a K8s setup or meaningful workloads to mintor set-up.

  4. Deploy Pixie: Run px deploy to deploy the Pixie Platform in your K8s cluster.

You now have lift off! 🚀 Start by running px scripts list or check out your Live Views.

Here’s a quick walkthrough video to recap:

Pixie Deploy Overview

Get Instant Auto-Telemetry

Run scripts with px CLI

Access data in seconds by running pre-built community scripts like:

  • Service SLA: px run px/service_stats
  • Node health: px run px/node_stats
  • MySQL metrics: px run px/mysql_stats
  • Explore more scripts by running px scripts list
  • Check out our pxl_scripts repo for more examples.

CLI Demo

View results on machine generated Live dashboards

The Pixie Platform auto-generates “Live View” dashboard to visualize script results. You can view them by clicking on the URLs prompted by px or by visiting: https://work.withpixie.ai/live

CLI Demo

Pipe Pixie dust into any tool

You can transform and pipe your script results into any other system or workflow by consuming px results with tools like jq.

  • Example: px run px/http_data -o json| jq -r .
  • More examples here.

CLI Demo

To see more script examples and learn how to write your own, check out our docs for more guides


Open Source

Along with building Pixie as a freemium SaaS product, contributing open and accessible projects to the broader developer community is integral to our roadmap.

We plan to contribute in two ways:

  • Open Sourced Pixie Platform Primitives: We plan to open-source components of the Pixie Platform which can be independently useful to developers after our Beta. These include our Community Pxl Scripts, Pixie CLI, eBPF Collectors etc. If you are interested in contributing during our Beta, email us.
  • Unlimited Pixie Community Access: Our Pixie Community product is a completely free offering with all core features of the Pixie developer experience. We will invest in this offering for the long term to give developers across the world an easy and zero cost way to use Pixie.

Under the Hood

Three fundamental innovations enable Pixie’s magical developer experience:

Progressive Instrumentation: Pixie Edge Modules (“PEMs”) collect full body request traces (via eBPF), system metrics & K8s events without the need for code-changes and at less than 5% overhead. Custom metrics, traces & logs can be integrated into the Pixie Command Module.

In-Cluster Edge Compute: The Pixie Command Module is deployed in your K8s cluster to isolate data storage and computation within your environment for drastically better intelligence, performance & security.

Command Driven Interfaces: Programmatically access data via the Pixie CLI and Pixie UI which are designed ground-up to allow you to run analysis & debug scenarios faster than any other developer tool.

For more information on Pixie Platform’s architecture, check out our docs or overview deck


About Us

Founded in late 2018, we are a San Francisco based stealth machine intelligence startup. Our north star is to build a new generation of intelligent products which empower developers to engineer the future.

We’re heads down building Pixie and excited to share it broadly with the community later this year. If you’re interested in learning more about us or in our current job openings, we’d love to hear from you.


Pixie Community is the free offering of Pixie’s proprietary SaaS product catalogue.

Pixie Platform components such as Pxl Scripts, Pixie CLI and eBPF based Data Collectors will be licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Contribution of these are planned for Oct 2020.